MolViewer 0.9 for the NeXT: Beta testers wanted !!!

Steve Ludtke steve at
Thu Apr 29 17:15:56 EST 1993

Version 0.9 of MolViewer is almost complete now. The list of new features/
changes is quite long. A few of the more important changes are listed at the
end of this message. Since so many things have changed, and since there were so
many bugs in the last version, I'd like to get some beta-testers for this
version before I release it to the public (yes, it will still be freeware). If
you'd like to volunteer, please send me a quick note at 
Please volunteer only if you really plan to send me a bug report. People with
ftp access only please ...

Here's a tiny section of the new feature list:
All bond lengths, angles, and dihedrals can now be modified interactively.

Proteins can be built from scratch.

Selective atom labelling in the 'quick' mode.

Atoms may be displayed as arbitrary ellipsoids rather than just spheres (for  
display of NMR uncertainty information).

New animation types.

Atom types are now defined in a consistent fashion (Amber atom types are used  
with some extensions from UFF).

A subset of the Amber potential can be used for energy calculations, although  
it is of limited use in this version.

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