Human Genome News now available on Gopher

Dan Jacobson danj at
Thu Aug 5 08:26:15 EST 1993

In cooperation with the editors of:

Human Genome News - a newsletter for the Genome Project,

can now be read and searched by gopher.  

Point your gopher client at and select:

 -->  5.  Genome Project/

   -->  2.  Human Genome News/

Where you'll see:

 -->  1.  About the Human Genome Newsletter.
      2.  Search All Issues of The Human Genome Newsletter <?>
      3.  Browse The Current Human Genome Newsletter (July - 1993)/
      4.  Browse through all issues of The Human Genome Newsletter/

Here you can search all the issues of Human Genome News, read
the current issue or browse through and read all the back issues.

To search all the issues simply select:

 -->  2.  Search All Issues of The Human Genome Newsletter <?>

and enter a word or series of words that describe you interests.  You will
then see a list of articles that have at least one of the words you typed

You can further modify your search by use of the words 'and' and 'not'.
For example:

pcr and mouse

will select articles which contain both the term 'PCR' and the word 'mouse'.

pcr not mouse

will select articles which contain the term 'PCR' but which do not contain
the word 'mouse'.

You may also use wildcards (*) to search for partial words.  If you wanted
to search for the words - genome, genomes, genomic, genomics .... You would
simply use -


Finally to do a very restrictive search you may use a phrase search ("....").
For example you could search for -

"cDNA sequencing"

To read the current issue of Human Genome News select:

 -->  3.  Browse The Current Human Genome Newsletter (July - 1993)/

and you'll see the following:

 -->  1.   Insurance Task Force Makes Recommendations.
      2.   Elizabeth Thomson Joins NCHGR ELSI Branch.
      3.   DOE ELSI Program Emphasized Education, Privacy.
      4.   U.K. HGMP Encourages CAD Access.
      5.   Future Directions of Human Genome Project Considered.
      6.   NCHGR Sequencing Workshop Studies Goals, Technology,.
      7.   Correction to Contact Information.
      8.   NCHGR Supports Pre- and Postdoctoral Training.
      9.   NCHGR Holds YAC Library Workshop.
      10.  1993 DOE Postdoctoral Fellowships Announced.
      11.  NCHGR Establishing Genome Science and Technology Centers.
      12.  GDB 5.1 Includes Accession Numbers.
      13.  Important Notice--GDB Internet Address Change.
      14.  GDB User Support, Registration.
      15.  GDB, OMIM Now on WAIS.
      16.  dbEST Database for Expressed Sequence Tags.
      17.  NCHGR Documents.
      18.  Repetitive-Element Searching.
      19.  Human Chromosome Workshops-Chromosome 8.
      20.  Human Chromosome Workshops-Chromosome 9.
      21.  Calendar of Genome-Related Events.
      22.  Training Calendar.
      23.  U.S. Genome Research Funding Guidelines.

Simply select and read any article that you would like to
(of course the date and contents will change as new issues come out).

To browse through all the back issues select:

 -->  4.  Browse through all issues of The Human Genome Newsletter/

And you'll see:

      1.  Spring and Summer - 1989/
      2.  Winter, May, July, September, and November - 1990/
      3.  January, March, May, July, and September - 1991/
 -->  4.  January, May, July, September, and November - 1992/
      5.  January, March, May, and July - 1993/

Pick a year and you'll see:

 -->  1.  Human Genome News (January - 1992)/
      2.  Human Genome News (May - 1992)/
      3.  Human Genome News (July - 1992)/
      4.  Human Genome News (September - 1992)/
      5.  Human Genome News (November - 1992)/

Pick the issue of interest and read all the articles that you would
like to.

The gopher version of the Human Genome News has been developed by
Dan Jacobson - for questions about this service e-mail a note to
danj at

A special thanks goes to Beth Owens and Betty Mansfield at ORNL.

For more information about Human Genome News itself:

      Managing Editor:  Betty K. Mansfield

      Editors/Writers:  Anne E. Adamson, 
                        Denise K. Casey, 
                        Kathleen H. Mavournin

      Production Manager/Editor:  Judy M. Wyrick

      Production Assistants:  K. Alicia Davidson, 
                              Larry W. Davis, 
                              Sheryl A. Martin, 
                              Laura N. Yust

      Correspondence Address: 

            Betty K. Mansfield
            P.O. Box 2008
            Oak Ridge,TN 37831-6050
            Phone: 615/576-6669  
            Fax: 615/574-9888 
            BITNET: bkq at ornlstc
            Internet: bkq at

      Sponsor Contacts:

           Daniel W. Drell 
           DOE Program Office 
           Germantown, MD 20545
           Fax: 301/903-5051 
           Internet: drell at

           Leslie Fink 
           NIH National Center for Human Genome Research
           Bethesda, MD 20892 
           Fax: 301/480-2770 
           Internet: lsf at

           This newsletter is prepared at the request of the DOE Office
      of Health and Environmental Research and the NIH National
      Center for Human Genome Research by the Biomedical and
      Environmental Information Analysis Section of the Health and
      Safety Research Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which
      is managed by Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc., for the U.S.
      Department of Energy, under Contract DE-AC05-84OR21400.

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