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Fri Aug 6 02:38:12 EST 1993

Dear colleagues, 

As some of you are based in Europe, I would like to point out that there 
is a European Directory for Gophers, at, which registers 
and collects hosts from Europe. In the directories there, you will find 
two very useful trees: 
-->  8.  Infoservers in European Countries/

There, there's an item called 

 -->  12. European National Entrypoints/

which tells you all european entry points for the countries; 

 -->  1.  #README#.
      2.  Austria, (HYPER-G server, Graz University of Techn.)/
      3.  Belgium, Brussels University STC/
      4.  Denmark, (DENet Danish Academic Network)/
      5.  Finland, (FUNET Information Services)/
      6.  France, (French speaking gophers, Univ. P.&M. Curie-D.Diderot)/
      7.  Germany, (Technical University Clausthal)/
      8.  Greece, (University of Crete, CS Department)/
      9.  Iceland, (Association of Research Networks in Iceland)/
      10. Luxembourg, (RESTENA, National Education and Research Network)/
      11. Netherlands, (University of Groningen)/
      12. Norway, (Information on the academic network)/
      13. Portugal, (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Dep. De Informatica)/
      14. RIPE NCC (Information Server for the European IP-Network)/
      15. Spain, (Universitat Jaume I, Castello)/
      16. Sweden, (BASUN, SUNET info-server)/
      17. Switzerland, (SWITCH, Swiss Academic and Research Network)/

Quoting the README file, 

> This menu is intended to contain links to these gophers in Europe, where
> the maintainers have volunteered to be prime contacts for their
> countries in gopher-space. ...
> If you read this, don`t see you country on the list, is running a
> gopher-server, and is willing to be "the" contact person in 
> gopher-space for your country, please contact me !
> Anders Gillner    awg at

There's another very useful item on, which is 

-->  19. Subject Tree/

and this will show you subject trees of various areas. I happen to maintain
the european entry point for biological gophers at 

Name=Biology subject tree

This host has a main menu which looks as the following: 
      1.  Index: Bio-Oriented INternet Gophers (BOING) at Welchlab(USA) <?>
 -->  2.  Information Servers in biology (Gopher based)/
      3.  Listing: European-based Subject Tree for GOPHER /
      4.  Registration Template.
      5.  index: Veronica (European-based server)/
      6.  other Gopher and Information Servers (European  directory)/

The first item is Dan Jacobson's BOING, and item 2 shows 

-->   1.     European-based Subject Tree for GOPHER /
      2.   EMBnet BioInformation Resource (EMBL)/
      3.   EMBnet BioInformation Resource (Finnland)/
      4.   EMBnet BioInformation Resource (Greece)/
      5.   EMBnet BioInformation Resource (Israel)/
      6.   EMBnet BioInformation Resource (Norway)/
      7.   EMBnet BioInformation Resource (Spain)/
      8.   EMBnet BioInformation Resource (Switzerland)/
      9.   EMBnet BioInformation Resource (The Netherlands)/
      10.  EMBnet BioInformation Resource (UK)/
      11.  EMBnet BioInformation Resource BISANCE (France)/


The nodes of the European Molecular Biology Network (EMBnet) will be 
happy to provide more information on their resources. 

Regards Reinhard 

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