Closing of Simtel20 Archive??

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Fri Aug 6 21:08:16 EST 1993

This might concern many of you who use this archive and/or the various
sites that mirror software from it.


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Subject: Information About Proposed Closing of Simtel20 Archive
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Date: 5 Aug 93 22:38:53 GMT
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For those who may not have heard, the U.S. Army is currently considering 
whether or not to close the Simtel20 anonymous ftp site 
( at the end of September.  If you use Simtel20 
or any of its mirror sites (including,,
or this will directly affect you.

For more information, please consult <1993Aug3.001548.29633 at> 
in comp.os.msdos.programmer with subject "Information About Proposed 
Closing of Simtel20 Archive" dated Tue, 3 Aug 1993 00:15:48 GMT, or 
<babak.744480759 at> which was crossposted to 
sci.electronics, sci.physics, and sci.chem with subject 
"******** Simtel Archive is closing!!!!!!! ***************" dated Wed, 
4 Aug 1993 16:12:39 GMT.

Please follow-up with discussions to comp.archives.msdos.d or another 
relevant newsgroup.

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