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Wed Dec 22 20:37:16 EST 1993

Birds of Europe: A Complete Encyclopedia 

The Expert center for Taxonomic Identification (ETI), a 
non-profit institute partially funded by UNESCO has 
released its first CD-ROM from its World Biodiversity 
Database, Birds of Europe. Compiled by ornithologists 
and produced with the high standards of an academic 
monograph, Birds of Europe is the definitive source for 
more than 400 bird species. With this CD-ROM, ETI's 
Birds of Europe finally fulfills the promise of 
scientific multimediaP a depth of information vividly 
presented with easy to use graphical software.

Birds of Europe contains complete information on 419 
bird species including:
	- specially commissioned full color plates of 
		each species
	- CD quality bird calls
	- seasonal distribution maps
	- taxonomic key and field guide for rapid 
	- complete technical description of each species
	- full color egg painting
	- glossary of terms
	- extensive history and discussion of 
	- a quiz to test your knowledge
	- and a whole lot more!

The perfect gift, both as a reference for the bird 
watcher and as an educational tool in biology. Birds of 
Europe will run on Macintosh (System 7 with 4 MB of 
RAM), Windows (Windows 3.1, 4 MB of RAM, VGA monitor, 
and a SoundBlaster card) and NeXTStep computers (2.0 and 
3.0 Motorola and Intel). 

Available for only $149 direct from ETI sales of this 
CD-ROM are used to fund our research into preserving biodiversity. To order:

	- call ETI at 31-(0)20-525 7239 
	  fax ETI at 31-(0)20-525 7238 
	to order by credit card (VISA and MasterCard)

	- Mail your check or money order to:

Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification
University of Amsterdam
Mauritskade 61	
NL 1092AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

please include the following for shipping and handling:
	air: Europe $6, USA & and elsewhere $8
	Express Mail: call

For more information about ETI and it's role in 
preserving the Earth's biodiversity contact:

Els Kranendonk
Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification
University of Amsterdam			tel: +31-20-525 7239
Mauritskade 61				fax: +31-20-525 7238
Jon Bieley
Department of Psychology
Reed College
bieley at

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