New Web (WWW) Server for Biology

Dan Jacobson danj at
Wed Dec 22 21:05:08 EST 1993

I'm happy to announce the birth of The Johns Hopkins University
BioInformatics Web Server - a new Web server for biology. The URL is:

Here you will find some interesting biological databases (which have hot 
links to each other as well as to other databases around the world),
electronic publications for biology, a section to help you with your 
software needs, and of course links to other Web servers.

If you've never heard of the Web (World Wide Web - WWW) or don't have a
client yet - you can get good Web clients for a variety of machines by
anonymous ftp.

NCSA Mosaic is an excellent client and is available for X-Windows, Macs,
and PCs (MS-Windows).  You can obtain any or all of these by anonymous ftp
>From in the /Web directory (

There is also a nice Unix and VMS client called lynx for those who need
a vt100 option - you can obtain it by anonymous ftp from
in the /pub/lynx directory (   Of course
with a vt100 client you loose some functionality - fancy text formatting and
image display - that is available with the other clients.

Happy Searching,

Dan Jacobson

danj at

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