Agricultural Genome Gopher and World Wide Web servers available

Doug Bigwood dbigwood at
Wed Dec 22 21:37:22 EST 1993

The Agricultural Genome Gopher and World Wide Web servers are now
available.  Almost all of the data is from the USDA Plant Genome
Program although the first newsletter of the Animal Genome
Program is also available.

The essentials:

Gopher: host - port - 70
[For those of you who can't access their gopher client from a
command line you can get to this gopher by going to the Great
Gopher at University of Minnesota and then:
Other Gopher and Information Servers -> All the Gopher Servers in
the World -> Agricultural Genome Gopher]



As stated above almost all of the information contained on these
servers is from the USDA Plant Genome Program.  This includes
information about maps, loci, probes, references, germplasm, and
related data.  Species currently included in the database are
soybean, maize, Arabidopsis, Pinus spp., and small grains in the
Triticeae.  Rice and solanaceous crops are coming soon and work
has begun on cotton and sorghum.  Also included is a subset of
the AGRICOLA bibliographic database produced here at the National
Agricultural Library.  The subset includes records pertaining to
plant genetics and breeding and abstracts for many articles are
included.  The genome and AGRICOLA data has been indexed with
waisindex and therefore is full-text searchable.

More Information:

See the README files in the various directories for more
information.  Also, questions about the database or the Plant
Genome Program can be addressed to pgenome at or you may
call 301-504-6613 (Beltsville, Maryland, USA).

NOTE TO GOPHER USERS: The World Wide Web server is greatly
preferred over the Gopher server.  One advantage is that you can
browse the genome data easily because it is in hypertext. 
Another advantage is that data retrieved from wais searching
(Mosaic only at this point) is returned in hypertext format. 
Third, some hypertext links point to external data sources (at
present, this is only Arabidopsis sequence data which has links
to Genbank and SwissProt accessions - more such links are in the
works).  To learn more about how to access the World Wide Web
(WWW or W3) look at the WWW FAQ which is on the top menu of our
Gopher server.

Doug Bigwood
Database Manager
National Agricultural Library
U.S. Department of Agriculture
10301 Baltimore Blvd.
Beltsville, MD 20705

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