Advanced Course on Molecular Genetics in Leiden, The Netherlands

Wed Feb 3 07:50:00 EST 1993

****       Advanced Course in Molecular Genetics       ****

               May 23 (6 pm) - 28, 1993

               Castle "Oud Poelgeest"
               Leiden, The Netherlands

A combined theoretical and practical course, highlighting the impact of
genome research and mutation analysis on the understanding of genetic
disease and cancer. The course includes morning lectures, afternoon
demos and evening symposia and is aimed at PhD students and postdoctoral
fellows in the life sciences. 

****    Symposium speakers:
T. Shenk, D.R. Bentley, D.R. Cox, A.J.M. Berns

****    Lecturers:
E. Bakker, J.T. den Dunnen, P. Devilee, R.R. Frants, J.H.J. Hoeijmakers,
A.G. Jochemsen, M. Losekoot, J.A. Maassen, C.J.M. Melief, 
L.G. Mullenders, C. Mummery, M.H.M. Noteborn, G.J.B. van Ommen, 
B.A. Oostra, A.K. Raap, E. Roos, D. Valerio, A.J. van der Eb, 
A. Westerveld, A. Zantema. 

****    Lecture and demo topics:

Day 1-2: Linkage analysis, positional cloning, genome mapping, polygenic
and multifactorial disease, YAC and Pulsed Field technology, multicolor
FISH cytogenetics, PCR-, DGGE- and SSCP-applications to mutation

Day 3: Hybrid cell genetics, DNA transfection and transformation of
mammalian cells, microinjection, retroviral gene therapy, homologous
recombination, transgenic animals. 

Day 4-5: Fundamental and applied aspects of carcinogenesis: Oncogenes,
tumor suppressor genes, chromosome translocations and oncogenic viruses,
metastasis, signal transduction, hereditary cancer syndromes, cancer
immune therapy, recombinant oncogene expression systems. 

****   Organizers

The course is organized by The Medical Genetics Center South-West 
Netherlands (MGC) and The Institute for Biotechnology Studies 
Delft-Leiden (BODL).
MGC was established by the Institutes of Genetics and Cell Biology,
Erasmus University, Rotterdam and the Departments of Molecular
Carcinogenesis, Radiation Genetics and Chemical Mutagenesis and Human
Genetics, Leiden University. 

*****             Registration information               *****

Subsidized course fee dfl 2500,- (PhD students, postdocs under 30). Full
course fee dfl 3500,- (senior postdocs and industrial participants). Fee
includes meals and tuition. Housing of dfl 400,- is additional.
Enquiries and full applications, the latter including a short CV,
description of current research, publications and a letter of
recommendation by an established scientist, should be sent to: 

Ms. P. Osseweijer
Institute for Biotechnology Delft Leiden
Kluyver Laboratory for Biotechnology, Julianalaan 67,
2628 BC Delft, The Netherlands
FAX: 31-15-782355
E-mail: wmbormon at

There is a possibility that for applicants from Greece, Ireland, Italy,
Portugal and Spain, a limited number of grants facilitating attendance
will be made available by the Commission of the European Communities,
within the framework of the educational section ofthe Human Genome
Analysis program. If applicable, please include a request with the

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