A GUI for analysis of electrophoretic gel & autoradiogram images

Ken Clark kwc at wubcl.wustl.edu
Fri Feb 26 16:45:22 EST 1993

	DNA/GUI, a graphical user interface for quantitative imaging and
analysis of images of 1D electrophoretic gels and autoradiograms,
is an X-Window-System-based package designed to run on UNIX workstations.
It has been compiled and tested on DECstations and SPARCstations.

	DNA/GUI is described in:  H.A. Drury et.al.,
"A Graphical User Interface for Quantitative Imaging and Analysis of
Electrophoretic Gels and Autoradiograms",
BioTechniques, Vol. 12, No. 6, June, 1992, pp. 892-901.

	The software features automatic lane and band detection,
a spatial-normalization algorithm, and the ability to display
full images or lane-only images from previous analyses.
A flexible editing system helps with difficult and noisy images.
Output is an ascii file of lane-by-lane band fragment sizes and mobilities.
A User's Guide is available with the software.

	The software is available free of charge.  Please send your
name, title, and affiliation to  dnagui at wubcl.wustl.edu .
You will be given ftp directions for retrieving the software.	



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