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Jonathan I. Kamens jik at
Tue Jan 5 12:06:30 EST 1993

The poster flooding the net with copies of the same message in every newsgroup
is being dealt with.  When I started seeing the messages, I sent mail to the
News administrator at his site asking for something to be done about it, and I
just got back this mail message (which I consider OK to post since it's a form
letter that was sent out to anyone who wrote to the news administrator of the
site about the problem):


~Date: Tue, 5 Jan 93 10:33:06 -0600
~From: skunz at (Steven L. Kunz)
To: jik at
~Subject: Babak Sehari postings

Network News User:

Regarding the "junk mail" type of postings that have originated from from a user named "Babak Sehari" ...

Mr. Sehari has apparently automated his posting process and is posting his
article to a large selection of newsgroups (including ALL local and regional
ones) from a variety of systems on our campus.  This matter has been turned
over to the ISU Computation Center administrator in charge of handling
perceived abuse of computer or network facilities at Iowa State University.

Please forgive the "form letter" format of this reply.  I have received many
email complaints as Usenet News admin on this matter (as has our local
"postmaster" for this site).

Steven L. Kunz
Networked Applications | Usenet News Admin.
Iowa State University Computation Center, Iowa State University, Ames  IA
INET: skunz at     BITNET: gr.slk at isumvs.bitnet


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