Upcoming Interdisciplinary Conference on Evolution

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Fri Jan 8 09:23:34 EST 1993

First Interdisciplinary Conference on General Evolutionary Systems

Washington Evolutionary Systems Society

Saturday, January 16, 1993
8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Reiss Science Building, Georgetown University 

The conference consists of 17 papers related to concepts, 
applications, predictions, and measurements of general 
evolutionary systems and a panel discussion on Emergence.  
Papers scheduled to be presented:

Henry C. Alberts, Univ. VA., "Evolutionary Acquisition of 
	Defense Systems."
Jerry LR Chandler, NIH, "Complexity and Emergence: Derivation of 
	Classes of Thermodynamic Systems from the C8 Taxonomy 
	of Causal Relations among Dynamic Phenomena."
Joseph E. Earley, Georgetown Univ., "What Simon Says: An 
	Alternative Model of the Evolutionary Origins of Human 
	Altruism, With Applications to Ontogenesis and the Units-of-
	Selection Controversy."
Harry R. Erwin, HDE Assoc,  "Social System Dynamics."
George L. Farre, Georgetown Univ., "Can a Dynamic Theory of 
	Evolutionary Systems be Scientific?"
Jerome C. Glenn, United Nations Univ., "Conscious Technology: Next 
	Step in Human Evolution?"
S. J. Goerner, Ctr. Complex Systems, Univ. N. Car., "Tip of an 
	Iceberg: Chaos, Deep Ecology and Us."
John E. Gray, Dahlgren,VA, "Applications of an Encoding Scheme of 
	Twenty Questions to Problems of Evolution."
Jeffery G. Long, Washington,DC, "Notational Evolution and 
Mart Malakoff, Washington,DC, "Pattern Formation from Sociobiology 
	to Social Constructionism."
Asghar T. Minai, Howard Univ., "Aesthetic Communication: A 
	Representation of Evolutionary Systems as Chance and 
Gary G. Nelson, MITRE, "Air Traffic Management: An Evolutionary 
	Information Architecture."
Stedman Noble, Washington, DC, "Three Distinct Methodologies for 
	Portions of Evolution."
William Rowe, Rowe Res.& Engr., "Measurements in Evolving 
Elisabet Sahtouris, New Paradigms Int'l, "Autopoiesis as a Basis 
	for Earth's Evolution."
Leo Vekker and Y. Yufik, George Mason Univ., "Out of Touch, Out of 
	Mind: An Unorthodox Approach to the Mind/Body Problem."
Andrew Vogt, Georgetown Univ., "Stress-induced Mutation: 
	Preliminary evidence and models."
Panel: Emergence - The Link Between Holism and Reductionism?
	R. Artigiani, USN Acad. (Org), R. Ulanowicz, 
	Univ. MD, G. Farre, Georgetown Univ., R. McMullen

The Washington Evolutionary Systems Society (WESS) is a multi-
disciplinary, non-profit organization founded by professionals
from government, academia, corporations and elsewhere, concerned 
about anticipating the future evolution of simple and complex 
Address: WESS, 159 Kentucky Avenue S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003
Phone: (202) 546-5335, or (703) 790-1651.  
For conference information call (703)790-1651 (evenings), 
(301)496-1846 (days), or send e-mail to chandler at helix.nih.gov. 
Abstracts are posted on WESSnet BBS (703)739-0688.
Registration at the door: WESS members $25.00, NonWESS, $45.00, 
Parking GU Med Ctr Garage $12.00, GU Lot off Canal Rd. $5.00

Pre-Registration Form
First Interdisciplinary Conference on General Evolutionary Systems
Washington Evolutionary Systems Society

Please return this form to: 

Prof. George Farre, 
11805 Bretton Court, 
Reston, VA  22091 

or bring to the conference.

Name  __________________________________________
Title  ___________________________________________
Organization  ____________________________________
Mailing Address
	City _______________________________________
	State  ________________        Zip  __ __ __ __ __ 
Electronic Addresses:
	Telephone: AC [___]-___-____
	fax: AC [___]-___-____. 
	e-mail: _________ at ________________ 

[ ] WESS member  [ $25.00 ]
[ ] Non WESS member [$45.00, includes one year membership and
    subscription to "Cosmos to Consciousness" and WESScomm.]

Form of Payment:   Cash  _______  Check   _____ Other  _______

There will be an open "Meet the Speakers" Dinner at Jacques Cafe 
(4001 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington,VA) on Friday Evening, January 
15, 1993 at 7:00 PM. 

Conference: Jan 16, 1993, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
		Reiss Science Bldg, Georgetown Univ, 

Organizing Committee: Jerry LR Chandler (President), Robert 
Crosby, Harry Erwin, George Farre, William Rowe, Andrew Vogt.

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