Another FTP source for GenBank

Dennis Benson dab at
Fri Jan 8 12:51:35 EST 1993

In addition to NCBI as a source of GenBank files, the folks at the
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) have kindly made the GenBank flat files
available through anonymous FTP.  Thanks to Hugh Nicholas and
Alex Ropelewski.

They provide everything in the NCBI 'ncbi-genbank' directory tree
including the full release and daily cumulative and non-cumulative updates.
Update files are copied over nightly from NCBI.

To access the files:

 USER:      anonymous
 PASSWORD:  <Email-address> 
 DIRECTORY: biomed/genbank/annotated

If users are running the Andrew File System (AFS) and have the PSC cell 
( mounted, they should be able to copy the files from:

If you have any questions contact Alex Ropelewski at PSC (ropelews at

Dennis Benson
National Library of Medicine
benson at

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