Arabidopsis Molecular Genetics Course

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Arabidopsis Molecular Genetics
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, 
New York, July 5 - July 25, 1993

This course provides an intensive overview of current topics and techniques
in Arabidopsis biology, with an emphasis on molecular genetics.  It also
introduces approaches used in yeast that have the potential to be utilized
for the advancement of Arabidopsis molecular genetics. It is designed for
scientists with experience in molecular techniques who are working or wish
to work with Arabidopsis. The course consists of a rigorous lecture series,
a hands-on laboratory and informal discussions. Speakers will provide
both an in-depth discussion of their work and an overview of their

Speakers include: 
Scott Poethig, Plant morphology; 
Nam-Hai Chua, Phytochrome signal pathways; 
Ian Sussex, Meristem organization; 
Philip Benfey, Root morphology; 
Gary Drews, Applications of in situ hybridization;
Elliot Meyerowitz, Flower development; 
Gerd Jurgens, Pattern formation;
Athanasios Theologis, Molecular analysis of hormone action; 
Mark Estelle, Genetic analysis of hormone action; 
Hong Ma, G-Proteins; 
Joanne Chory, Genetic analysis of photomorphogenesis; 
Peter Quail, Phytochrome; 
Janet Braam, Responses to environmental stimuli;  
Judy Callis, Ubiquitin pathway;
Pamela Green, mRNA stability; 
Ethan Signer, DNA recombination; 
MarkSchena, Master regulatory genes; 
Gerald Fink, Molecular genetics of growth regulation; 
Mark Johnston, Gene transplacement; 
Joseph Ecker, Genome analysis; 
John Browse, Lipid metabolism; 
Robert Pruitt, Fertilization;
Brian Staskawitz, Plant-bacterial interactions; 
Barbara Baker, Transposon mutagenesis; 
Steve Kay, Biological clocks. 

        The laboratory session will cover: Arabidopsis genetics and
development; transient gene expression assays in protoplasts; gene
transplacement and complementation of yeast mutants for cloning Arabidopsis
genes; transformation by Agrobacterium; in situ detection of RNA; protein
import into chloroplasts; biochemical analysis of transcription factors;
pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and analysis of yeast artificial
chromosomes containing the Arabidopsis genome.

        The course will be conducted by Joanne Chory, Salk Institute,
Joseph Ecker, University of Pennsylvania, and by Athanasios Theologis,
Plant Gene Expression Center.  Tuition, including room and board, is $2,030; 
scholarship funds are available. Application deadline is March 15, 1993. 

For additional information contact: Barbara Ward, course registrar,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, New York 11724.
Phone:(516)367-8345; fax (516)367-8845

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