2nd RFD: sci.med.telemedicine

D Parsons dfp10 at csc.albany.edu
Mon Jan 25 01:02:20 EST 1993

[[ This article is the edited version of two separate articles which
   Dr. Parsons submitted.  -- tale, moderator news.announce.newgroups ]]

           REQUEST for DISCUSSION: sci.med.telemedicine

A new unmoderated group is proposed - sci.med.telemedicine.  It is
intended for discussion of design, hardware, software, strategies for
extended clinical consulting by hospital computer networks.  The
discussion is of special interest to medical centers seeking to apply
telemedicine to their rural consortium and to isolated physicians in
remote regions of developing countries.

The original proposal was for sci.med.hspnet.  It has been suggested
that ".hspnet" is not sufficiently descriptive and perhaps
"sci.med.telemedicine" would be better.  Other suggestions are
certainly welcome.

Discussion taking place in the 3 year old BITNET group hspnet-l at albnydh2
will be included in sci.med.telemedicine but the new group is expected
to provide a base for medical users of unix systems such as X terminals
and UUCP net works.  Attention will also be directed to the new unix
systems which are coordinating state and regional insurance and
statistical information.

Note that the possibility of creating a "bit.list" has been considered
and rejected because (a) we do not want to simply mirror the BITNET list
but hope to obtain new and different information from the newsgroup
audience, and (b) we find that not all news feeds include the bit.lists.

   The first Request for Discussion was posted on Jan 14, 1993.

   ** Please send your discussion to news.groups **

 Points under discussion are the name of the group, its unmoderated status,
 ideas about content, etc.  If warranted, the charter of the group will be 
 reformulated and followed by a Call for Votes.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Donald F. Parsons MD, PhD
    Prof. Albany School of Public Health, Albany NY
    Moderator, hspnet-l at albnydh2.bitnet
Donald F. Parsons MD, Wadsworth Ctr. Rm C273, NY State Dept of Health, ESP,
PO Box 509, Albany, NY 12201-0509. (518)474-7047 Fax: (518)474-7992
dfp10 at uacsc2.albany.edu dfp10 at albnydh2.bitnet Cis 71777,212

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