Announcing: MolViewer 0.1-alpha for the NeXT

Steve Ludtke steve at
Sun Jan 31 23:47:31 EST 1993

Announcing MolViewer 0.1-alpha

MolViewer is a molecule viewing program. The current release supports
Alchemy, PDB, and its own internal file formats. It includes a
workaround for the nasty memory bug in quick renderman for viewing
large molecules. Some of the more advanced features include generation
of helical wheel diagrams for proteins, and doing some simple
manipulation of protein backbone dihedral angles. The current release
doesn't have many of the features I hope to impliment eventually, but
I believe I got most of the bugs out.

This is still an alpha release (even though I'm making it public), so
use it at your own risk. The primary reason I'm releasing it now is
that I won't have time to work on it for a month or so, and a number
of people expressed interest in using it asap. It should still be
quite usable in its present form, but be careful.

You can ftp it from in /pub. I will probably also upload
a copy to sonata in the next day or two.

Bug reports and suggestions for improvements would be greatly
appreciated, even though it will probably be a month or so before I
have time to act on them.

Have fun ...
Steve Ludtke
steve at
ludtke at
stevel at

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