MBL Recombinant DNA course

Dan Davison dbd at theory.BCHS.UH.EDU
Fri Jul 2 10:46:30 EST 1993

   The MBL and Exon-Intron, Inc. will offer two, one week workshops on 
Recombinant DNA and PCR methodology open to all qualified applicants.  
Students may enroll for either or both of these workshops. 
   The first workshop (August 2-7, 1993) will be the BASIC course and 
include lecture and extensive laboratory exercises covering:  isolation 
of plasmids, isolation of genomic DNA, bacterial transformations, 
restriction enzymes, agarose gel electrophoresis, isolation of RNA, 
Southern blot analysis, non-isotopic labeling and detection methods, 
purification of poly(A) RNA, dot/slot blot analysis.
   The second workshop (August 9-14, 1993) will be a PCR cloning and 
ADVANCED topics workshop and will include the following topics:  
polymerase chain reaction, cloning PCR products, Northern blot analysis, 
S1 analysis, PCR mutagenesis, non-isotopic labeling and detction 
   Tuition for each workshop: $1,100 inc. room/board
   Applications contact: Dori Chrysler, Admissions Office, MBL
          (508-548-3705 ext 401).
   Specific questions pertaining to course content:  Dr. Bob Farrell
   Enrollment is open up to 20 students per each course.

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