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Super-User doelz at
Wed Jul 7 08:57:01 EST 1993


We have been serving data to the world now for several years. Due to 
the need to save cost, we have been observing FTP traffic and sent 
pleas to the hosts which used the service heavily on a continuous
basis. In particular, hosts in the US seemed to save cost by ftp'ing 
data rather than purchasing the CD-ROM or using the file servers in 
the domestic network, which is mirroring the sequence data I kept. 
As the response to the queries was very low (most of the hosts did not
respond at all), we have been asked to close down the high-traffic 
causing data files for international ftp. 
I would like to express my anger to those who have abused the server, 
because, even though being warned, they caused the service to die.

| from now on does no longer provide sequence data-|
| bases to hosts on the international internet via anonymous ftp.   |
| Alternative mechanisms are in preparation for collaborators but   |
| international anonymous access will no longer be permitted.       |

My apologies to all who used the service within reasonable limits. 

Reinhard Doelz
EMBnet Switzerland Node Administrator

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