BIOSCI Newsgroups - Changes

David Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Tue Jun 1 03:00:02 EST 1993

This has been a busy month for BIOSCI!!

The following new newsgroups were created during May.  Please refer to
the info sheet in the next posting for details on





The CHROMOSOMES group supercedes and broadens the scope of the
CHROMOSOME-22 group which was shut down for lack of use.  The
"autoseqs" prototype newsgroup was also rolled into the CHROMOSOMES

BIOSCI has also introduced a new e-mail retrieval service for searches
of our WAIS indexes.  Please send the message


to waismail at for instructions.  Leave the Subject: line
blank in your help request.

Included among the WAIS indexes is our new BIOSCI user address
directory.  The name of this WAIS source is "biologists-addresses."
Copies of the address form are posted regularly to the newsgroups.
Please take the time to fill one out and submit it.

The BIO-JOURNALS/bionet.journals.contents and
SCIENCE-RESOURCES/bionet.sci-resources newsgroups were converted to
moderated forums.

Finally, the FAQ has been extensively revised as described is one of
the following messages.

David Kristofferson
BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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