The Chromosome Abnormality Database

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>The Chromosome Abnormality Database (CAD) is a centralised repository of 
>records of human chromosome abnormalities, and is available for researchers 
>to search free of charge.
>Searches of the database may be performed free of charge by contacting the 
>database manager, Dr Mercer at the address below, or directly by the researcher
>through the computing facilities maintained by the UK Human Genome Mapping 

To register as a user of the UK HGMP-RC facilities, please mail or fax
to the following address:
             Christine Bates
             The HGMP Resource Centre
             Clinical Research Centre
             Watford Road
             Harrow MIDDX HA1 3UJ
             Tel: 081-869 3446
             Fax: 081-869 3807
             Email: C.Bates at
Registration is open to any bona fide academic, whether based in the UK
or elsewhere.  Registration is not restricted to those directly involved
in human genome mapping.

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