2nd CFV for sci.med.telemedicine and voter acknowledgement

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Wed Mar 3 13:47:18 EST 1993

mass.ack       March 3, 1993

Re-post of the CALL FOR VOTES for the proposed Usenet News group:
            Acknowledgement of Persons Voting Todate

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CALL FOR VOTES for sci.med.telemedicine
(Repeat call and acknowledgement, 1 week after the start of

Following a three week discussion period during which all
responses were favorable, here is the official Call for Votes to
create the group.

STATUS: unmoderated

CHARTER:  Discussion of computer networks that connect between
          hospitals and/or physician's offices, including
          international linkages between medical facilities in
          different countries.

          Subjects will include hardware and software for such
          networks, increased use of networks for transmission of
          text and image patient data, and help in use of e-mail
          for medical purposes.

          The group will be linked to the bitnet list
          hspnet-l at albnydh2.

VOTING PERIOD: The voting period started with the posting of this
          CFV, and lasts for 30 days.  Votes received after
          23:59:59 GMT on 25 day of March 1993 will not be

          Each person has only one vote, even if they have
          multiple computer accounts.  Votes must be mailed to
          the vote-taker (Donald Parsons).  Posted votes will not
          be counted.

HOW TO VOTE: Vote by sending mail to dfp10 at csc.albany.edu or
          dfp10 at albnydh2.bitnet with the word YES or NO in the
          subject line.  If you use rn or a similar news reader,
          you can use r (reply), edit YES or NO into the Subject
          line, and mail it.  Ideally your vote would appear as
          one of the following:

     Subject: YES sci.med.telemedicine
     Subject: NO  sci.med.telemedicine

Votes which do not contain yes or no in the subject line will
cause extra work but still will be counted so long as they are

Votes will be acknowledged by mail, but any acknowledgement that
bounces will not be re-tried.  There will be at least one mass
acknowledgement (this document) posted during the voting period. 
The final vote tally will be posted at the end of the vote,
including a list showing how everyone voted.

If you vote more than once from the same address, only the most
recent vote received will be counted as valid.  If you vote more
than once from different addresses in an apparent attempt at a
vote fraud, all your votes may be rejected, and this fact plus
your name published in the net.

RESULT: At the end of the voting period, there will be a period
          of five days from the posting of the result to allow
          any errors to be noted and corrected.  The group will
          be created if at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes
          are received, with at least 2/3 of the valid votes in
          favor.  If both the 100 vote margin and 2/3 majority
          are not met, the group will not be created.

List of voter names and addresses to date - March 3, 1993

     Mark Atwood              matwood at peruvian.cs.utah.edu
     Bill Barbiaux            barbiaux at mr.med.ge.com
     Gary P. Barnas           barnas at post.its.mcw.edu
     Whitney Bischoff         bischoff at uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu
     Alan Bleier              bleier at menu.visus.com
     Heather Bloom            hbloom at moose.uvm.edu
     Andy Brager              swc!wndrsvr!wndrsvr.la.ca.us!andyb
     Gerhard Brauer           brauer at uvvm.uvic.ca
     Dave Carr                carr at acsu.buffalo.edu
     Ernest A. Cline          cline at usceast.cs.scarolina.edu
     Maurizio Codogno         mcodogno at nyx.cs.du.edu
     Martin Czigler           mcz at sarnoff.com
     Odile David              u53732 at uicvm.bitnet
     Bernard Dumka            dumka at misfit.enet.dec.com
     Brian Manning            bmdelane at midway.uchicago.edu
     W. Dockery               wdockery at yalemed.bitnet
     Howard R. Doyle          doyle+ at pitt.edu
     S. Dubin                 dubinse at duvm.bitnet
     John P. Duncan           jduncan at prism.nmt.edu
     Allan G. Farman          agfarm01 at ulkyvm.louisville.edu
     Tim Ferguson             tim.ferguson at dartmouth.edu
     James E. Furguson        ferguson at gidday.enet.dec.com
     Andrew Finkenstadt       andy at vistachrome.com
     Jan I. Fox               dac001 at marshall.mu.wvnet.edu
     Joel Furr                jfurr at nyx.cs.du.edu
     Jay Gaeta                gaeta at mr.picker.com
     Thomas D. Gasser         thomasg at staff.tc.umn.edu
     Daniel Gidez             dgidez at netcom.com
     David E. Goggin          dt4%cs at hub.ucsb.edu
     Mirsad Hadzikadic        mirsad at mosaic.uncc.edu
     Mike Hatz                mhatz at nyx.cs.du.edu
     Paul Hodgkinson          phh at dmu.ac.uk
     Michael Holloway         mhollowa at ic.sunysb.edu
     Edward J. Huff           huff at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu
     Michael A Johnston       maj%mdis1 at wdl1.wdl.loral.com
     Barry T. Jones           barry at psy.gla.ac.uk
     V. "Juggy"Jagannathan    juggy at cerc.wvu.wvnet.edu
     Antero Julkunen          julkunen at messi.uka.fi
     Roland Kaltefleiter      kaltef at theo-physik.uni-kiel.dbp.de
     Mark D. Kline            mdkline at mailbox.syr.edu
     Paul Knight              knight at hpindda.cup.hp.com
     Barry Krawchuck          bdk01 at albnydh2
     Michelle Koblas          michelle.koblas at itek.norut.no
     Stu Labovitz             stu at valinor.mythical.com
     Stephen Lau              lau at ai.sri.com
     John R. Lewis            vetdsmdv at utkvt1.vet.utk.edu
     Allan Levy               a-levy at uiuc.edu
     Bob Lummis               lummis at alsys1.aecom.yu.edu
     Gary Malet               gmalet at surfer.win.net
     Will Marchany            marchant at cea.berkeley.edu
     Michael L. Marrin        marrin at mcmail.cis.McMaster.ca
     Duncan McRae             duncanm at tplrd.tpl.oz.au
     Robin Meter              rmeter at unmcvm
     J. Philip Miller         phil at wubios
     Richard Miller           rick at crick.ssctr.bcm.tmc.edu
     Marc Moorcroft           @mail.uunet.ca:smarry at zooid
     Larry Nathanson          lan at panix.com
     David Nye                nyeda at cnsvax.uwec.edu
     Eric J. Olson            ejo at kaja.gi.alaska.edu
     James O'Meara            jho02 at albnydh2.bitnet
     Greg Parham              gparham at demeter.esusda.gov
     Michael Quinn            mjquinn at pucc.bitnet
     Kevin Ray                kpr03 at albnydh2
     M.L. Rhoads              mlrhoads at ccit.arizona.edu
     Steve Robinson           ssrbh at cunyvm.cuny.edu
     Herman Rubin             hrubin at pop.stat.purdue.edu
     Avraham Shir-el (Sherman) avraham at eruvin.jct.ac.il
     Elihu M. Schimmel        schimmel.elihu_m_dr at boston.va.gov
     Joanne Silverstein       jlsilver at mailbox.syr.edu
     Daniel Starr             starr-daniel at yale.edu
     M.J. Stoddard            stoddard at ccit.arizona.edu
     David Reeve Sward        sward+ at cmu.edu
     Bruce Teeter             bruce at earth4.med.ge.com
     Patrick Tufts            zippy at berry.cs.brandeis.edu
     Goyta F. Villela         infomed at ccvax.unicamp.br
     Timothy VanFossen        timv at ccad.uiowa.edu
     John C. vom Lehn         vomlehn at macgw1.crd.ge.com
       Weindan                weindan at hws.bitnet
     Gregory Woodbury         wolves!ggw at duke.cs.duke.edu
     Bob Yazz  @orchard.la.locus.com:yazz at prodnet.la.locus.com

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