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Scientific & Engineering Applications of the Macintosh

2nd Annual Technical Conference & Exposition

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Monday, August 2, 1993 Radisson Hotel Woburn, MA

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Sponsored by - MacSciTech  Macintosh Scientific & Technical Users Association

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SEAM'93 will provide a central forum for discussions on the use of strategic 
computing  technologies in research & development. The conference will 
encompass presentations by  end users from industry, academia, and the 
government on advanced applications of the Macintosh in scientific and 
engineering problem solving. From conceptual analysis to applied research to 
product development, separate tracks will focus on: 
	 -  Scientific visualization and image processing
 	-  Computer aided chemistry and biotechnology
 	-  Data Acquisition and process control
 	-  Developer Tools and techniques
All papers must be original, objective, and noncommercial. They will be
published  after the conference by MacSciTech. All papers and presentations
will be in  English.

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Abstracts -- Due April 1, 1993

Final Papers for Review -- Due June 1, 1993

Conference Chairs --

Dr. Robert H. Gross 	
Dartmouth College 	
Internet: robert.h.gross at 

Robert M. Reinking 	
University of Arizona 	
Internet: reinking at

For further information, contact --

MacSciTech, Inc. 
49 Midgley Lane 
Worcester, MA 01604 
(508) 755-5242 
Fax (508) 795-1636 
AppleLink: macscitech
America Online: scitechmac 
Internet: scitech at

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SEAM'93 will focus on Strategic Technologies in Research & Development, and
will serve to stimulate the interchange of real solutions to current problems.
Leading- edge users of Macintoshes as stand-alone computational engines or as
networked  clients of host computers and high-end workstations will discuss
general productivity needs as well as specialized functions.

SEAM'93 will be held the day immediately prior to MacWorld Expo Boston and will
 provide attendees with an opportunity to interact with peers, Apple Computer,
and  vendors of scientific and engineering software and hardware. SEAM'93 will
include  its own table-top exhibition where third-party developers will
demonstrate their latest products. The conference is open to all scientific and
engineering users. The fees for SEAM'93 are: $119, MacSciTech members; $169,
non-members; $49, students.

Technical Sessions
The SEAM'93 program will consist of one intensive day of technical sessions
(8am- 9pm) and will include invited talks, contributed papers, and panel
discussions. All sessions will be approximately 1.5 hours in length. Invited
and contributed papers will have 15-20 minutes each for oral presentations and
questions-and- answers within their assigned session. A number of Macintoshes
will be available for those wishing to present their paper electronically. 

Technical Paper Abstracts 
Original papers are solicited that have not been previously presented and that 
describe technical contributions in areas as broadly described by the topics on
the  preceding page. Each presenter must submit a paper title and a 100-word
abstract.  Please note that commercial product descriptions are not acceptable
for the technical program. 

The submission of an abstract will be viewed as a commitment to present at the
technical meeting. The abstract will be reproduced in the final conference
program.  The date and time of presentation will be determined when the program
committee  meets to review submissions.

Abstracts should be descriptive in nature and accompanied by the author's name,
affiliation, return address, telephone number, and any e-mail addresses. The
abstract should also indicate whether the submission is for a paper
presentation or panel discussion.

The presentation title and abstract may be submitted by mail, fax, e-mail, or
by  Macintosh floppy disk. Disk and e-mail submissions may be made in text, 
Microsoft Word, or MacWrite II formats. Mail and disk submissions should be
sent  to: SEAM'93, c/o MacSciTech 49 Midgley Lane, Worcester, MA 01604 Fax
(508) 795-1636

E-mail submissions may be sent to: "scitech at" on the Internet or
to "SciTechMac" on America Online. E-mail or floppy disk submissions are
strongly encouraged in the interest of efficiency and timeliness.

The deadline for submission of the 100-word abstract of the paper and author 
information is April 1, 1993. The abstract should be succinct and informative;
it may contain a figure. 

The deadline for submission of the full paper and signed form allowing us to
reprint the paper on the conference CD-ROM is June 1, 1993. Papers must be
submitted  in order to present at SEAM'93 and must be in electronic format
(text, Microsoft  Word, or MacWrite II with EPS, TIFF, GIF, or PICT graphics).
Papers should be  sufficiently detailed to cover the topic. Note: If you will
be participating in a panel discussion, an electronic copy of your presentation
is due in place of a paper. The presentation will be reproduced on the 
conference CD-ROM. MacSciTech's SEAM conference committee is always looking to
develop new,  interesting topics. If you would like to propose a particular
topic for SEAM, please  let us know.

Conference CD-ROM 
MacSciTech will publish a SEAM'93 Conference CD-ROM shortly following the 
conference. The CD-ROM will contain a full set of proceedings (abstracts,
papers, and presentations), as well as relevant public domain/shareware
software, and  commercial product demonstrations. All paid SEAM'93 attendees
will receive a free  copy. Others may purchase a copy at a to-be-established
price. If you are interested in submitting software for the CD-ROM, contact the
MacSciTech office.

SEAM'93 is organized and sponsored by MacSciTech, the Macintosh Scientific and 
Technical Users Association, and its Developer Advisory Council. MacSciTech is
an  independent, professional association of over 1500 scientists and
engineers.  MacSciTech sponsors education and training programs, including
seminars and special publications, to support Macintosh users in science,
research, engineering,  and industry. The Developer Advisory Council of
MacSciTech is a group of over 30  hardware and software developers who promote
the effective use of Macintosh  computers  in science and engineering.

For further information, contact --

MacSciTech, Inc. 
49 Midgley Lane 
Worcester, MA 01604 (508) 
Fax (508) 795-1636 
AppleLink: macscitech 
America Online: scitechmac 
Internet: scitech at

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