N2-FIXATION passes - 112 YES, 3 NO

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Thu Mar 11 14:26:28 EST 1993

Voting was closed as of midnight last night and the response was
overwhelmingly in favor of the N2-FIXATION newsgroup: 112 YES votes
versus only 3 NO votes.

We will start accepting subscription requests **AFTER** a notice is
posted in BIONEWS/bionet.announce that the newgroup is ready for

Discussion Leader:
            Eng-leong Foo, Director, UNESCO Microbial Resources Center,
            Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.
            E-Mail: eng-leong_foo_mircen-ki%micforum at mica.mic.ki.se
            Phone: 46-8-7287145   Fax: 46-8-331547

Mailing List Name:         N2-FIXATION (formerly BNFNET-L)

E-mail posting addresses:  n2fix at net.bio.net
                           n2fix at daresbury.ac.uk

USENET newsgroup name:     bionet.biology.n2-fixation

We will now proceed to establish the newsgroup and mailing list both
here at net.bio.net and at daresbury.ac.uk.  Dr. Foo or Rob Harper
should send me the LISTSERV mailing list and I'll sort it out for
division between here and Daresbury according to our geographical
split.  Please let your current e-mail subscribers know that they
should address future subscription concerns to one of the following
addresses depending upon their location.

Address                              Location
-------                              --------
biosci at daresbury.ac.uk               Europe, Africa, and Central Asia
biosci at net.bio.net                   Americas and the Pacific Rim

ALSO, after the lists have been set up, anyone who is currently
receiving BNFNET-L by e-mail but would rather just read the new USENET
newsgroup should contact the appropriate BIOSCI address above and
request cancellation of their e-mail subscription.

Best wishes for a successful forum.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at net.bio.net

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