Microbial Pathogenesis & Immune Response mtg

RICK REST, HAHNEMANN UNIV, PHILADELPHIA restr at hal.hahnemann.edu
Fri Mar 12 14:27:16 EST 1993

                           *** ANNOUNCEMENT ***
                          === Conference on ===
             Sponsored by the NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES
                        September 8 to 11, 1993
    Grosvenor Resort at Walt Disney World Village, Orlando, Florida
  >>> The objective of this meeting is to bring together an international
  group of basic and clinical researchers, from government, academia and
  industry, who, individually, are interested in the molecular mechanisms of
  microbial pathogenesis and in human immune response.  The focus will be
  on the ability to use the information exchanged at the meeting to formulate
  clearer approaches to immune regulation of and vaccine development for
  various human pathogens.  As these two groups of investigators, i.e., those
  interested in molecular pathogenesis and those interested in human response
  to microbial challenge, exchange ideas, many for the first time, it is hoped
  that new ideas and approaches will emerge.
  >>> Session topics
     = Evasion of Host Defense
          Phillipe Sansonetti, Institut Pasteur
     = Microbial Virulence Factors and Antigenic Variation
          Staffan Normark, Washington University
     = Host Response to Microbial Invasion
          Edwin Ades, Centers for Disease Control
     = Cytokines in Microbial Pathogenesis
          Tom Folds, Centers for Disease Control
     = Attachment, Adherence, and Host Receptors: Mechanisms of Cell
         and Tissue Injury
           Michael Apicella, University of Iowa
     = Recent Developments in Vaccination and Immunoprophylaxis
          Gary Schoolnick, Stanford University
  >>> Conference Co-chairs
     = Edwin W. Ades, Ph.D., Chief
     Biological Products Branch
     NCID, Centers for Disease Control
     1600 Clifton Road, N.E.
     Atlanta, GA  30333
     phone (404) 639-3720
     = Stephen A. Morse, Ph.D., Director
     Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease Laboratory
     NCID, Centers for Disease Control
     1600 Clifton Road, N.E.
     Atlanta, GA 30333
     = Richard F. Rest, Ph.D., Professor
     Department of Microbiology and Immunology
     Hahnemann University
     Philadelphia, PA 19102-1192
     phone (215) 762-8599
     e-mail restr at hal.hahnemann.edu
  To obtain information, program and registration materials (available in May)
  please contact one of the co-chairs, or, contact:
     Conference Department
     The New York Academy of Sciences
     2 East 63rd Street
     New York, NY  10021
     phone (212) 838-0230
     fax (212) 838-5640
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