NCBI will handle Authorin Distribution/Support after 3/31/93

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at
Thu Mar 18 17:31:23 EST 1993

March 31st marks the end of the involvement of IntelliGenetics (IG) in
the GenBank database effort.  For the last six months, IG has
continued to be responsible for Authorin program distribution and
technical support, but, after the end of this month, this
responsibility will shift to the National Center for Biotechnology

A recording will be placed on the Authorin 800 number referring people
to NCBI.

The authorin at address will also be forwarded to NCBI.

IG will continue to distribute the program and answer questions
through and including March 31st, but not thereafter.


				Dave Kristofferson
				(ex)GenBank Manager

				kristoff at

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