Chromosome 22 YAC screening

Chris Overton coverton at
Wed Mar 24 09:29:30 EST 1993

From: Dr. Kenneth Fischbeck
To: chromosome-22 at
Subject: chr 22 YAC screening

As part of the genome center here in Philadelphia, we have been identifying 
YACs with chromosome 22 STSs. We screen both a YAC library made locally from 
22-only hybrid cell line KG1 and total genomic YAC libraries made by CEPH & 
Genethon. We now would like to make this service available to the genetics 
community in general.

For anyone who submits primers for a chromosome 22 STS, we will screen the 
YAC libraries with the STS and send the positive colonies back to the 
submitter. There will be no charge for this service. If you are interested 
in participating, please let me know.

K. Fischbeck
e-mail: fischbeck at

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