Stony Brook Symposium on Taxol and Taxotere

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  		Stony Brook Symposium on Taxol and Taxotere

       	          New Hope for Breast Cancer Chemotherapy
			     May 14-15,1993
			State University of New York
			     at Stony Brook

			Iwao Ojima (Organizer)
		    Scott M. Sieburth (Co-organizer)
		       Michael Viola (Co-organizer)

For more information e-mail: donovan at 

Or contact:
Iwao Ojima
Department of Chemistry
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3400
(516) 632-7890; Fax: (516) 632-7942

Pre-register to ensure a seat! Participant may register at the
symposium (subject to availability of seat).

About Taxol and Taxotere:

Taxol is the most exciting development in cancer chemotherepy to be
exciting development in cancer chemotherapy to be discovered in the
last two decades. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) gave an
exceptionally high priority to the development of this drug. Highly
promising results have been found for the treatment of ovarian,
breast, and lung cancers. Unfortuntely, the sole source of this drug
has been the bark of the rare Pacific yew tree. Chemists have now
solved this problem by making the drug from a renewable source, and
also discovered a potent new drug Taxotere. These developments have
opened the door to their widespread use in cancer chemotherapy. This
Symposium will cover all aspects of these extraordinary anti-cancer

The May 15th program is especially informative for the general public.

Place and date:
The Symposium will be held on May 14 and 15, 1993 at the Health
Science Center, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY 11794,
U.S.A. More information directions, and map available.

Who Should Attend this Symposium:
a) Anyone who is concerned about breast cancer, b) Clinicians and
Therapist who may use these new drugs, c) Clinical Oncologists,
Oncologists, and Pharmacologists, d) Medicinal Chemists, Chemists,
Biochemists, and Biologists who are interested in cancer research, e)
Managers of R&D and Marketing, will find the symposium to be a unique
opportunity to obtain the most updated overview of the historical
development, current status and future prospects for these cutting
edge anti-cancer drugs.

Registration Fees:
The registration fee covers attendance for 2 day symposium on May 14
and 15, and includes a program, abstracts, buffet lunch (x2),
symposium mixer, a free parking sticker, and a nice symposium mug:

Corporate $125
Academia $80
Student with ID $15
General Public $35

For Saturday May 15 only:
Corporate $80
Academia $50
Student with ID $10
General Public $25
(includes a program, buffet lunch and a nice symposium mug)

Pratip K. Banerji
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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