Fri Mar 26 07:28:00 EST 1993

          *      FAQs about 1LABCC       *
          *  Version 2.0  date:22.03.93  *

>What is 1LABCC ?
    It is the abbreviation for 1st Lactic Acid Bacteria Computer

>When will it be held ?
    May 1st to 30 June 1993.

>How is 1LABCC organized
    Participation is by electronic mail (e-mail). 1LABCC
    will be organized just as a normal face-to-face conference
    but it is conducted via computers. You will receive 2 to 3
    papers on every monday of the week. Two weeks will be given
    to the discussion of each posted paper but it may continue if
    there is interest. The authors of these papers will be
    avialble for those 2 weeks to respond to your questions by e-

>How can I participate ?
    You need to be able to communicate by e-mail.

    If you have an e-mail user-id, please join the Lactic Acid
    Bacteria Forum for further announcements on 1LABCC. To join
    this forum, address an email to:
    listserv at searn.sunet.se
    and send the messagee:

    If you do not have an e-mail address, please contact your
    library or the Department of Computer Science at your

>what are the topics covered
    1LABCC covers all topics related to lactic acid bacteria and
    their use. Your presentation could be a review article,
    a scientific research paper, a description of major research
    programme or research study, etc, etc.

>Is there a deadline for papers ?
    Title of paper:  19th April for the submission of the title
                                of your paper which will be
                                included in the announcement of
                                the Program
                     7th June   last date for the submission of
                                title of paper
    Full text of paper:         to be submitted by e-mail a week
                                before your date of presentation.

>Where should I send my paper ?
     by e-mail to: eng-leong_foo_mircen-ki%micforum at mica.mic.ki.se

>Is there a suggested format for the paper ?
     YES, it should include :
          Title of paper
          Author(s)+postal address+email address
               1 page on background is suggested since it will
               help participants who are not familiar with your
               topic to take part in the discussion.
               not more than 10 references (with full title of

>Is there a max nr of pages for papers ?
     Ideal and suggested is 3-4 pages (65 lines per page). MAX: 6 pages

>   How long is the discussion of my paper ?
    Your paper will be opened for discusison for 2 weeks from the
    assigned date of its presentation. You should be available
    to check your e-mail daily and respond to any questions
    during this peroid.

>Will there be a proceedings ?
     Yes, there is an intention to do it but will depend upon
     available funds for printing.

Mr. Eng-leong Foo
Unesco Microbial Resources Center & Dept of Bacteriology
Karolinska Institute, 10401 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: 46-8-7287145    Fax: 46-8-331547
email: eng-leong_foo_mircen-ki%micforum at mica.mic.ki.se

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