BIOSCI User Address Database Form

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Wed May 5 16:29:56 EST 1993

Below is the address form that we would like each reader of the
BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups to complete and return if you would like to
be listed in our database.  The database will serve as a directory
that will enable biologists, who are currently using (or even just
reading) the BIOSCI newsgroups, to look up e-mail addresses and other
information about our users.

The address database will be indexed for WAIS and waismail access
(waismail is our WAIS e-mail server, more below) and will also be
available for access via other gopher sites if they wish to permit it.
The raw unindexed data will be available for FTP from and
is atomized sufficiently to allow import into your local RDBMS should
you so desire.

Please carefully follow the instructions for completing the form
below and return it to either of the following two addresses
(whichever is more convenient for you).  Thanks in advance for taking
the time to complete and return the form.

Addresses for returning forms         Location        Network
-----------------------------         --------        -------
biovote at                   U.S.A.          Internet/BITNET
biovote at               U.K.            JANET


This notice will be mailed bimonthly to each newsgroup.  You should
check our WAIS source or waismail e-mail server from time-to-time to
see if your address information is still up-to-date.  Send the message


to waismail at for instructions on using waismail.  Leave the
Subject: line in your message blank.

(Note as of 5 May 93 - the address database will be updated nightly
and will go on-line soon after we have collected and processed the
initial rush of data).


Please enter all responses after the : on each line, leaving one (1)
blank space after the : (i.e., before the start of your text).

Please do NOT extend your responses past the end of each line (80
characters) or alter any of the field identifiers such as "first name: ". 
Several lines are provided at the end of the form for comments, but,
please adhere to the line length restriction.

Please enter N in the first field below if this is a new record for
the database or U if this is a correction to an existing record.

On the date: line, please enter the date in the DD-MM-YY format, e.g.,
05-05-93 for 5 May 1993.  This line will tell others when the
information was last updated.

Note that the "e-mail network: " line below is for specifying, e.g.,
"Internet," "BITNET," "EARN," "JANET," or whatever other network that
your computer may be on.

If you are uncertain about any field, please feel free to leave it
blank, but please DO NOT DELETE the field identifier from the form!

Thanks again for your cooperation!

--------------- please cut here and return portion below ---------------

New information or Update to old record (enter N or U):
date (DD-MM-YY):
first name:
middle initial:
family name:
job title:
e-mail address:
e-mail network:
phone number:
FAX number:
postal code:
research interest:
research interest:

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