Bionet Users Address Form ready as scripts for eMail users

Reinhard Doelz embnet at
Fri May 7 07:10:45 EST 1993

In article <1993May6.202154.24685 at>, danj at (Dan Jacobson) writes:
|> The Biosci-Bionet Users Address Database (BUAD ?) form is ready
|> to go on gopher.  To add yourself to the database just point your
|> gopher client at and select the following:
|> And fill out the form.

For the eMail subscribers, I posted two scripts called  -> for VMS users


biosci.csh -> for UNIX users 

to the bionet.users.addresses newsgroups. 

They have been created with the SUPER program package, 
which was written by Lukas Rosenthaler in the Basel Biocomputing Laboratory
SUPER and the scripts mentioned can be obtained from
in the /programs/bioftp-sw/super directory. SUPER is also available 
from the EMBL Fileserver. It could also run on TELNET holes using the 
biosci.super command script. The csh and com file mentioned generate
the form to be filled out and mailed back to the biovote addresses as 

... what is S U P E R ???
Did you always want to ask your user community on  your  computer  on how 
they rate your services? Did you write command  files, or any other probe
for this? Then the program SUPER is for you: 

        S implified
        U ser
        P oll and
        E xperience
        R eport language

SUPER is a program which is written in C, and tested on Silicon Graphics,
DEC Ultrix, and VAX/VMS. It reads a template  file  which  describes  the 
questions to be asked, and puts the answers into a  file.  Help  and  the 
backstep option are provided at any step, and can be adapted to  national 
languages easily. The software is extensively documented. 

As from Version 2.0 (available now), the SUPER program can also have  the 
evaluation of results made by SUPER by automatically writing a  C program 
which in turn takes all the input and  makes statistics on the  numerical
fields of your poll. 

The SUPER script language is used at the Biocomputing Basel  facility  to 
poll users on-site. If the users need to reply off-line,the program SUPER 
can act as 'compiler' and generate (UNIX) csh and (VMS) com  files  which 
can be requested from the mail server. In this case, after execution, the 
user must send back the generated output file. 

As contributed by the Finnish node of EMBnet, SUPER also runs on SUN com-
puters. They've further made it run as a 'telnet hole' by making  entries 
in /etc/services and /usr/etc/inetd.conf accordingly. 


SUPER    is   available  from in the programs/bioftp-sw 
directory and can be retrieved as compressed tar file (for UNIX)  or  as 
MFTU-encoded VAX/VMS backup save set. 

The usual disclaimers wrt undetected bugs etc. apply.  UNIX users need a 
C compiler, and VMS sites need the MFTU  utility,  and   the C compiler, 

Full  credits  go  to  the  Author  (Lukas Rosenthaler)  and  the  Swiss 
National Science Foundation (NF) for  funding  the   EMBnet  SWITZERLAND 
project.  Thanks to Rob Harper and the Team there for  contributing  the 
changes on the SUN, and the inetd hack. 

Complaints and suggestions to embnet at - thanks. 

Detailed description in the README file on bioftp. 

Acknowledgement: The EMBnet Project in Basel is supported in grants from 
Basel University, Swiss National Science foundation, and is participating 
in the EMBnet project as supported by the BRIDGE program from the EC under
the scientific coordination of Prof. C. Saccone. I am grateful to Lukas
Rosenthaler for writing the Script Language and associated software, and
the users at the Biozentrum for testing and verifying its operation. 


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