Bionet Users Address Form ready for Gopher

Rob Harper harper at
Mon May 10 06:13:21 EST 1993

In <1993May6.202154.24685 at> danj at (Dan Jacobson) writes:

About a week ago I suggested to Dave that we could collect information on
biologists using goform from within gopher, and that Dan "the man" Jacobson
might be interested in setting up the data collection on his gopher for the
USA while I would do the same on my gopher for Europe.

*>The Biosci-Bionet Users Address Database (BUAD ?) form is ready
*>to go on gopher.  To add yourself to the database just point your
*>gopher client at and select the following:

I have been away in Estonia for the past week, meanwhile Dan, as is his want
has already got his goform up and running... called BAUD (I like it)

Well I am a bit late off the starting blocks but I have just set up 
Bionauts Address Database (BAD) running on the gopher at CSC. Europeans
can point their gopher client at and add their information 
to the database. All entries will be mailed directly to Dave for
incorporation in a wais source.

The path to the questionare is as follows.

   ---> 10. Finnish EMBnet BioBox/
 	---> 8.  FAQ Files/

                              FAQ Files

      1.  EMBnet: Information.
      2.  EMBnet: Internet resources guide.
      3.  A Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources/
      4.  All FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Searches and Archives/
  --->5.  Bionauts Address Database (questionaire) <TEL>
      6.  EMBnet nodes FAQ/
      7.  GCG_Projects/
      8.  Help files from E-mail servers in biology./

If the IRS could make form filling as easy as it is with goform, it would make
lots of friends for itself.

P.S. If you don't have a gopher client but have telnet then you could also
give the command

telnet 2002

and fill in the form that way as well.


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