New Bio-Gopher - GDE, Molecular Evolution, etc.

Littlejohn Tim little at
Tue May 18 10:33:48 EST 1993

MegaGopher Now Open For Business

The MegaGopher at the University of Montreal is now open to the Internet 
community.  The MegaGopher is still experimental and growing.

If you are not sure about what gopher is or how to use it, please
see the section "More About Gopher" below.

To access the MegaGopher, please configure you gopher client to point to:


The primary aims of this gopher are to:

1)      Support the software and information requirements for the 
	MegaSequencing project, centered at the University of Montreal;
2)      Serve as a repository of data for organellar genome and molecular 
	evolution research;
3)      Act as the focal point for the GDE (Genetic Data Environment)
	package written by Steve Smith.  News on enhancements, possible 
	future developments, and the latest source code and binaries
	are all available. 
4)      Contribute to the growing body of Internet accessible information.
If you are particularly interested in GDE and its future development,
please send an email message to:

	gde at

stating your interests in the package, the platform/Operating
system you are running it on, and if you would like to be
put on the GDE development mailing list.

For more information on this gopher hole (or if you have any comments/
suggestions!) send an email message to:

	gopher at

Tim Littlejohn
Assistant Director (Informatics), MegaSequencing Unit
University of Montreal
E-mail:     little at 
            tim at 


More About Gopher

"The Internet Gopher client/server provides a distributed
information delivery system around which a world/campus-wide
system (CWIS) can readily be constructed.   While providing a
delivery vehicle for local information,  Gopher facilitates
access to other Gopher and information servers throughout the

If you do not have access to a gopher client, gopher client (and 
server) software is available via anonymous ftp from 
in the directory /pub/gopher.

If you cannot get access to a client locally, you can telnet to a gopher 
client on by logging in as "gopher" with the password "gopher".

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