Boolean Searching on UCMP Inverts

Robert Guralnick robg at fossil.Berkeley.EDU
Mon May 24 15:39:35 EST 1993

	Hi all ---

	I have just finished adding boolean and partial searches to 
the Museum of Paleontology Invertebrate type specimen catalogs.  The
modifications were made via Don Gilberts IUBIO WAIS and gopher patches.
	The invertebrate type specimen catalog lives on the Museum
of Paleontology gopher at  Booleans allow searches
using terminology like "and" "or" "nor" or "not".  So, for example to
search for all specimens that are in amber from the oligocene, you
would type "amber and oligocene".  If you wanted to search for all
oligocene specimens not from mexico type "amber and oligocene not 
mexico".  Partials let you sarch on partial strings.  They are 
especially helpful if you do not know exact spellings.  If you were
to search on ammonit*, all the documents with the a word with the
first seven letters "ammonit" would show up.	Literal searches 
can be used to protect the search from the new commands for boolean 
searches. Typing the search "and" (note double quotes used for literals), 
will return any hits on the word "and" instead of interpreting the 
and as a boolean expression. 
	Hope this is something useful.  

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