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Wed May 26 22:08:59 EST 1993

Please deliver  a PRINT OUT of this message to your
local university and/or municipal Police Departments,

e-mail a copy to anyone you might know at other universities 
nationwide who might not have received this message.

Thanks for your help.

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May 26, 1993

TO:	University Police Department Investigative Sections

From: 	Detective Dave Girts, 
	University of Washington Police Department
	1117 NE Boat St,
	Seattle, WA 98105

RE: APPLE Macintosh computer burglaries

This is a form letter going to as many University Police 
Departments as we can send it to.  

The University of Washington has been the victim of a series
of forced entry burglaries in which only high-end APPLE 
Macintosh computers have been taken.   The latest has been May 
22-23, 1993 (12 computers, 3 buildings, $29,000 loss).  I've 
talked with enough investigators at university police 
departments to know that there are striking similarities in 
burglaries at many different universities.   I'm trying to 
determine if there might be a traveling burglary organization
that specializes in these types of computer crimes.

As reluctant as I am to become the organizational focal point 
for such an effort, I'm asking all university police departments 
that have cases that fit the following criteria to send me the 
dates (and city location) of the crimes.  I will take that 
information and try to see if there is a pattern to the dates 
and locations of the crimes that might indicate whether or not
a traveling gang could be responsible.  Then I will report the 
results to everyone who submitted information, plus the FBI 
and Customs agencies.

Criteria for crimes:

*Exclusively, or at least primarily, high-end APPLE computers 
stolen (Mac IIsi, IIci, IIvx, Quadra, Centris).
*Large numbers of computers taken per burglary.
*Forced entry to buildings or rooms - primarily defeating door 
locking  mechanisms.  Ours have been pipe wrenches with 1/8" 
or 1/4" between wrench teeth used to twist doorknobs.
*Repeat burglaries at previous crime locations.
*Add-on computer cards, such as Ethernet cards, removed from 
computers at the scene.
*Only central processing units and mice taken.  Monitors and 
keyboards  left behind. 
*Include if the computers have been alarmed, locked down, 
engraved or marked (or none of the above).

Of course, please include any known suspects or if you've 
recovered any of the stolen property, or if you have an idea 
where the computers are going.

I'm distributing this request by a variety of methods including 
mail, fax, E-Mail,  and NCIC point-to-point messages so you 
might get more than one of these requests.

Send the information to Detective Dave Girts, University of 
Washington Police Department, 1117 NE Boat St,
Seattle, WA 98105    (206) 685-2599 
Our department ORI is WA0172400.  My E-Mail address is 
dgirts at u.washington.edu

Thanks for your cooperation;

David Girts
UW Police Department
(206) 685-2599
(206) 543-9331
(206) 685-8042

***** end of message to pass on ***

thank you for your assistance.

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