OWL 21.2 available

Alan Bleasby ajb at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Sat Nov 6 15:46:17 EST 1993

OWL version 21.2 is now available for ftp from s-ind2.dl.ac.uk

New versions of this composite non-redundant protein sequence database
appear  every few weeks rather  than  quarterly. The source databases,
although arriving quarterly, do not appear at the same time!

The info file is appended.

Alan Bleasby
SERC Daresbury Laboratory
Warrington WA4 4AD


    Derived from:-

        SWISS-PROT:  Bairoch.A & Boeckman, B (1991)
                     The SWISS-PROT protein sequence databank
                     Nucleic Acids Res., 19, Suppl., 2247-2249
NBRF PIR1,PIR2,PIR3: George,D.G, Barker,W.C & Hunt,L.T. (1986)
                     The protein identification resource (PIR)
                     Nucleic Acids Research., 14, 11-15
        GENBANK:     Benson.D, Lipman, D.J., & Ostell.J (1993)
                     Nucleic Acids Research., 21(13), 2963-5
        NRL_3D:      Namboodiri. K, Pattabiraman,N., Lowrey,A., Gaber,B.,
                     George,D.G. & Barker,W.C. (1989)
                     NRL_3D A sequence structure database PIR Newsletter., 8, 5
        Statistics for the incorporated sequences of source databases are:

                 		     Entries    Residues
        SWISSPROT Rel 26              31807     10874875
        NBRF Rel 37(PIR 1)            104       51657
        NBRF Rel 37(PIR 2)            9257      2320897
        NBRF Rel 37(PIR 3)            7713      2109213
        GenBank Rel 79.0              18245     5902795
        NRL_3D Rel 13.02 (Aug 1993)   1686      294964

    NRL_3D Contains entries for which an X-Ray crystal structure exists
    in Brookhaven. The codes for these entries start with N$ followed by
    the Brookhaven database code.

    1. Starting with Swissprot Release 21 the dollar sign '$'
    in entry names has been replaced by the underscore character '_'
    2. Starting with OWL release 20.0, all PIR codes that are cross referenced
    to Swissprot codes are removed from the source PIR databases before
    OWL is built.
                            VERSION 21.2
                Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
                           The University of Leeds
                                LS2  9JT

                               68,812 ENTRIES
                           21,554,401 RESIDUES
     CREATION DATE: 31st October 1993
     CREATED  BY:  A.J. Bleasby & D. Akrigg

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