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                             GENOME INFORMATICS TRACK

                                  PH.D. PROGRAM

                              The Graduate School
                          Baylor College of Medicine
                                Houston, Texas


The Genome Informatics Track of the Structural & Computational Biology
& Molecular Biophysics (SCBMB) Graduate Program at Baylor College of
Medicine provides specialized training in computation related to the
Human Genome Program.  Active research areas include development of
novel gene recognition methods, development of a conserved regions data
base, high-performance computation on massively parallel computers,
genetic linkage analysis, and system design for high-throughput genome
laboratory processes.  This program is closely associated with the
NIH-funded Human Genome Program Center at Baylor College of Medicine,
and the Keck Center for Computational Biology.


Structural and Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics is an
interdisciplinary and interdepartmental program that offers a Ph.D.
Degree.  The program stresses student training with a strong research
emphasis in the above areas as well as basic courses in biochemistry
and cell and molecular biology.  The faculty research activities cover
sophisticated development of structural and computational techniques,
protein design and engineering, biophysical chemistry of
macromolecules, membrane biophysics and genome informatics.  Over 38
full-time faculty members, from basic and clinical sciences departments
at Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, and the University of
Houston, teach and supervise students' research.  Applicants with
undergraduate degrees in physical, chemical, mathematical,
computational and engineering sciences are of particular interest.  Of
course, students with traditional backgrounds in biochemistry and
molecular biology are welcome to apply.

Because of the diversity of the students' undergraduate background we
will assist each student to develop his/her first year curriculum.  For
students without preparation in biological or chemical sciences,
undergraduate courses are available at Rice University and the
University of Houston.  The other two institutions, without additional
fees, offer courses such as computation and mathematical sciences that
are not available at Baylor.  We would like to provide the students
preparing for their future career with a sound understanding of
biological problems and their solutions in addition to the specialized
research areas.  The first year students will take a minimum of three
terms of laboratory rotations to experience different areas of research


A unique aspect of this program is the affiliation with a number of
research centers by the participating faculty members; Each
appropriately equipped and staffed.  These include the W.M. Keck Center
for Computational Biology, the Howard Hughes Medical Institutes of
Structural Biology and Molecular  Genetics, Human Genome Center,
3-Dimensional Electron Microscopy Center, Molecular Biology Information
Resource Center, Institute of Molecular Design, Texas Center for
Advanced Molecular Computing and Center for Research on Parallel
Computation.  Students will have ample opportunity to work in any of
these research centers and interact with their predoctoral and
postdoctoral fellows and staff members.  There are symposia's
workshops, seminars and informal discussion groups sponsored by these
various programs, and a monthly evening seminar is presentations by
faculty or students in the SCBMB Program Centers throughout the year.

To obtain application for admission write Dixie Brewer at the following

Ph.D. Program in SCBMB
The Graduate School, S101
Baylor College of Medicine
One Baylor Plaza
Houston, Texas 77030
Telephone (713)798-4028   Fax(713)798-6325
Email:scb at

Baylor College of Medicine is an Equal Opportunity , Affirmative Action,
and Equal Access College

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