BIOSCI/ offline due to power outage

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Mon Oct 4 13:33:17 EST 1993

We had the first storm of the season in the San Francisco Bay Area
today and also a power outage.  Mail to may not have gone
through for several hours during the early AM period.  There are
slightly over 100 messages to various newsgroups currently in the mail
queue for delivery, so please don't repost anything that may appeared
to have bounced unless you are adept at deciphering mailer daemon
messages.  If you don't see that your message has gone out by the end
of the day, then feel free to repost.  Thanks for your cooperation.

If your response to the BIONEWS/bionet.announce reader survey bounced
back to you, please feel free to resubmit it to biovote at
We can easily remove any duplicate responses.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at

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