Crossposting to the BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups

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Wed Sep 15 11:26:06 EST 1993

[The reader below makes a good point that I'd like to call to
everyone's attention.  A sizable fraction of our readership still
does not have the luxury of news software access to the BIOSCI/bionet
groups.  While crossposting is warranted in some cases, please use it
*spareingly*, if at all.  Announcements should be sent to
BIONEWS/bionet.announce.  Although this group is moderated and people
do not get the immediate gratification of seeing their message go out
instantly, rest assured that the readership of this group is higher
than almost all others because of the higher signal-to-noise ratio. - DK]

If I remember well, there is one news-group for information
of general interest (bio-news). Although the 

>                FIRST WORLD CONGRESS
>                     BIOTECHNOLOGY
>                    24-28 April 1994
>                   Hyatt Regency Hotel
>                     Austin, Texas
>----- (Feel Free To Cross Post This Announcement) ----

Is interesting for a number of people, please do only
send it to bio-news. Do NOT cross-post is as mwitten

You have to keep in mind that there are still people
receiving these messages through e-mail. This morning
I had more than 10 copies of this (long) message in my mbox.

And this is not the first time it happens. Last month I 
repeatedly got between 10 & 20 copies of the same message,
because of cross-posting.

PLEASE, All the bionet groups have a subject. Stick to it.
Do not post information NOT about that subject to all the

Thank you very much


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