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        November 30th - December 3rd, 1993

                  Vienna, Austria

The intention of the meeting is to bring together people
from all fields of pharmaceutical therapy who are working
on or thinking about new drug screening methods or systems. 

There will be the opportunity for informal meetings and discussion
on both, the scientific and technological levels. Attendants
from academia and industry are equally welcome. The meeting is
planned for a fruitful and enjoyable atmosphere, in order to
stimulate an open opinion exchange and personal contacts.

            Preliminary time table   (September 1993)

Monday, Nov. 29th
09:00 Introduction:
H.G.Miltenburger, T.H. Darmstad                    
Cell systems for in vitro pharmacology,
toxicology and bioproduction.

***Apoptosis Assays:

E.J. Schlaeger et al., Hoffmann LaRoche
Cell Death (Apoptosis) in Cell Culture.  
F. Franek, Acad.Sciences Prague
DNA Fragmentation as a Qantitative Marker
of  Apoptosis.

W. Gorczyca et al.,Med.Acad.Szczecin
Detection of apoptosis by flow cytometry.

***Proliferation Assays:

J. Varani, Univ.Mich.Med.School
Use of  Organ-Cultured Skin for Assessment
of Chemical Agents with Potential for Skin

B.O.Palsson, Univ.of Michigan
Hematopoietic Tissue Engineering: From
Basic Principles to Ex Vivo Assay Systems.

D.C. Gruenert et al., UCSF
Human airway epithelial cell systems for the
study of disease.
Lunch Break 13:00-14:30

***"New Screening Systems for Antivirals"
Chair: Rudi PAUWELS, Rega Institute
Contributions from :
B.Koenig, Boehringer Mannheim;   
C.F.Perno, Univ. of Rome;
J. Skowronski, Cold Spring Harbor;
B.Wolff, Sandoz Forschungsinstitut
and others.

Heurigen Evening

Tuesday, Nov. 30th


***Peptide Libraries:   

R.W.Barret, Affymax
Screening recombination and synthetic peptide libraries
with engineered receptors.

R.A.Houghten et al., Torrey Pines Inst.
Soluble synthetic peptide combinatiorial libraries: Tool
for basic research and drug discovery.

Carlos F. Barbas, Scripps
Natural and Synthetic Antibodies from Libraries.

H.Gram et al., Sandoz
Generation of synthetic or epitope-specific monoclonal
antibodies using  the phage display technology

***Creation of substance libraries:

H.W. Krell, Boehringer Mannheim
How to establish an extract library - A view inside a
companies extract pool.

13:00 - 14:30 Lunch Break

P.Willett, Univ. of Sheffield
Similarity Searching in Databases Of Two-Dimensional
and Three-Dimensional Chemical Structures.

***"Substance and Data Access"
Chair: Peter WILLETT, 
Univ. of Sheffield
C.Carter, Boehringer Ingelheim;
J.Devlin, App.Res.Reources and Technologies;
M. Lajiness, Upjohn;
R.Taylor, Zeneca Agrochemicals;
S.Young, Glaxo.


Wednesday, Dec. 1st


***Receptor Ligand Interaction

W.C.Greene, D.Gladstone Inst.,
Intracellular Recoptor-Ligand Interactions

M.R. Lerner, Yale Univ.
Rapid evaluation of functional interactions between ligands and
protein coupled receptors.

C.Pernelle, Rhone Poulenc Rorer
An efficient screening assay for the rapid and precise
determination of affinities between leucine zipper domains.

Bruce D. Kohorn, Duke University
Direct selection and functional screening of proteases and
binding proteins of defined specifity.

D. Hill, Xenova
Natural products drug discovery. Productivity of a range of
targeted enzyme and receptor-ligand screens.

***Measurement and Automation:

- K. Tiefenthaler, Artificial Sensing Instruments
Grating couplers as biochemical waveguide sensors.
- F.Legay et al., Sandoz
Use of an optical Biosensor for Bio-Analytical Applications.
- A.Kolb, Packard Instruments
A Complete Approach to the Automation of High Throughput
Screening of Radioisotopic and Luminescence Samples in
- F.Leichtfried, Robocon
Modular Automation of Microtiterplate Assays in Pharmaceutical
Drug Discovery and Pharmaceutical Quality Control.
- S. Fillers, Sandoz Research Inst.
A Flexible Robotic Workstation for Microplate Assays.
- H.C. Steinruecken et al., Ciba Geigy AG
A Fully Automated Screening System for Enzyme Inhibitors.
- R. Metzger, Molecular Devices
The Cytosensor: Living cells on sensor. Application in Drug
Development and Screening.
- F.Steindl, Institute of Appl. Microbiol., Vienna
A new system for determination of cell numbers, cell growth
patterns and cell growth kinetics in 96 well plates.
- G.Seidl, Sandoz Forschungsinstitut
Taylor-made Laboratory Automation.

Lunch Break 13:30 

14:30 Sightseeing
18:30 Reception 

Thursday, Dec. 2nd

***Reportergene Assays:

Bryan Cullen, H.Hughes Med.Inst.
Reporter Gene Assays and Their Use in Antiviral

H.Hauser et al., Ges.f. Biotechn.Forschung
Establishment of Screening Systems for anti-HIV-

G.Baumann et al., Sandoz
Screening for inhibitors of signal transduction in the
immunge response: Development of a panel of
reporter gene assays for cytokines.

S.Nilsson et al., KaroBio
Receptor specific and tissue selective evaluation of
small organic compounds.

M.E.Goldmann et al., Ligand Pharmaceuticals
Discovery of novel compounds interaction with
intracellular receptors using a cell-based gene
expression assay.

B.Albrecht et al., Sandoz  Forschungsinstitut
The human IgE germline promoter as a therapeutic
target for the search for potential antiallergic
compounds: Establishment of a reportergene assay.

G.Werner et al., Sandoz Forschungsinstitut
High-capacity Luciferase-reportergene assay for 

***General Aspects
S.E. Lee, Pfizer
Bioengineering and Pharmaceutical Substance

Concluding remarks

Lunch 13:00 



For registration please send the following form to:

Austrian Society for Animal Cell Culture
c/o Winfried Scheirer
Sandoz Forschungsinstitut
P.O. Box 80
A - 1235 Vienna

Fax: (43 1) 86 63 46 81
e-mail: scheirer at

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        November 30th - December 3rd, 1993

                  Vienna, Austria






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A) Enclosed cheque payable to the
   Austrian Society for Cell Culture

B) Money order to
   Creditanstalt Bankverein, BLZ 11000
   Acc. No. 77-40038/00  (Austrian Society for Cell Culture)
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