Directory on Biotechnology Activities in India

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This directory covers the research profile of more than 200 institutions
involved in Biotechnology Research and ManufacturingActivities in India.

The profile includes: Address, brief Biotechnology activities, fields of
research, projects completed and ongoing with funding agencies, publications,
scientific and technical infrastructure, collaborative agencies, use of
modern techniques, patens published. details of senior scientists/faculty,
educational programmes in biotechnology.

Price : Rs. 250/-
        US$ 80.00

Pages : 400

Compiled by:  Biotechnology Information Centre
              Department of Biotechnology (Govt. of India)
              New Delhi-110 003, INDIA 
              Email: btic at

Published by : Publication & Information Directorate (CSIR)
               Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, Pusa
               New Delhi 110 012 India

To Order :
 Send Demand Draft Payable to " P I D , New Delhi"
and mail to:
Sales and Distribution Officer, 
Publication and Information Directorate,
Dr. Krishnan Marg, 
New Delhi-110 012, INDIA

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