Teaching Cell Biology with HyperCELL

Richard Marz richard.maerz at serv.univie.ac.at
Tue Apr 5 10:57:52 EST 1994

Teaching Cell Biology with HyperCELL
A workshop on the use of computers in higher education
July 3 - 6, 1994

Preliminary Program

Sunday, July 3rd	afternoon / early evening
* Welcome reception in the Museum of Pathology
* The collection is a rather gruesome treat. The building was designed for a
	psychiatric clinic and was the
	embodiment of modern times - 200 years ago.
* Opening lecture:  Will MultiMedia be in your future?

Monday, July 4th
* An overview of HyperCELL   for novices and experts
* Experts guide novices through HyperCELL    Hands-on session #1

* What are the elements of a content-based instructional package?
* Computer learning versus textbook learning   Hands-on session #2

Tuesday, July 5th
* HyperCELL for advanced users and faculty. What is new for 1994/95 ?
* Using HyperCELL for three years at the University of Vienna
	Different course designs and how students responded

* Exploring the collection of the learning resource center   Hands-on session #3
* Panel discussion: The computer as a teaching and learning tool

Wednesday, July 6th
* Do you want to write a program? Authoring tools can help.
	HyperCard, Authorware Professional, Macromind Director
* How the computer can help in your daily work   Hands-on session #4
	We will split up into special interest groups

* Shaping your own future  The university teacher as culprit and victim

Thursday, July 7th
* A post-workshop opportunity to browse on your own in the collection
	of the learning resource center
	HyperCELL and lots more though with a focus on medical students

All registered participants will receive a questionnaire during April
which will contain some detailed questions about your background and
expectations. Your answers will be used to draw up the final program.

To register and for further information please contact:

Dr. Richard Marz
Institute of Medical Chemistry
Wahringerstrasse 10
A-1090 Vienna,
AUSTRIA  (Europe)
Tel:  + 43 1 3191484 / 276
FAX:  + 43 1 310 72 10
Email:  richard.maerz @ serv.univie.ac.at

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