Gene Therapy of Cancer

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Mon Apr 11 17:57:40 EST 1994

European Conference on Gene Therapy of Cancer
King's College London  September 8-9th 1994

A meeting dedicated to Gene Therapy of Cancer, one of the most exciting
developments in the management of malignant disease. The conference will focus
on the latest developments in gene transfer systems; antisense and ribozyme
based strategies; the role and use of tumour specific antigens, immune co-
stimulators, and cytokines in the induction of immune rejection of cancer;
drug sensitivity/resistance gene delivery strategies; and adoptive immuno-

Participants include:

*Arthur Bank, New York                     *Fritz Eckstein, Goettingen
*Olivier Feugeas, Strasbourg               *Scott Freeman, New Orleans
*Wolfram Ostertag, Hamburg                 *Karol Sikora, London
*Mike Dexter, Manchester                   *Farzin Farzaneh, London
*Max Birnstiel, Vienna                     *Ernst Wagner, Vienna
*Hermann Waldmann, Cambridge

For further information contact the Conference Secretariat: European
Conference on Gene Therapy of Cancer, The Rayne Institute, King's College
School of Medicine and Dentistry, 123 Coldharbour Lane, London SE5 9NU, UK.
Tel: (0)71 346 3126 Fax: (0)71 733 3877 E-mail: mkuiper at

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