BIOSCI Newsgroups - Changes

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at
Mon Aug 1 03:00:03 EST 1994

The following new newsgroups were created.  Please check the BIOSCI
info sheet in a subsequent posting for details.

CELEGANS                     Research discussions on the model organism 
                                Caenorhabditis elegans and related nematodes 

ZBRAFISH                     Discussions about research using the model
                                organism Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

The URODELES prototype newsgroup passed a vote of the readership and
became a full BIOSCI newsgroup (USENET newsgroup and mailing lists at and

The following prototype newsgroup was added at

diagnost at    Discussion of problems involved in diagnosis
                          of pathogens, in all fields
                          (plant/animal/human) and involving the full
                          range of diagnostic techniques (biochemical/
                          serological/ nucleic acid). 

To subscribe by e-mail from anywhere in the world (no USENET
distribution is available yet), send the line

subscribe diagnost

to biosci-server at

The prototype newsgroup BIOGOPHER was discontinued at the end of its
six month period at the request of the discussion leader.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

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