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Twentieth Annual

Lorne Conference On Protein Structure And Function
(4th-9th February, 1995)

The conference will present recent advances on a broad range of themes and will 
include the following keynote speakers:

Themes and Speakers:

Structure and folding
	J. Richardson (Durham)
	B. Mathews (Eugene)
	G. Lorimer (Willmington)
	A. Gronenborn (Bethesda)
	C. Chothia (Cambridge)
	H. Neurath (Seattle) 
Protein Evolution
	H. Jornvall (Stockholm)
	R. Doolittle (San Diego)
Post-translational Modification
	F. Wold (Houston)
	R. Bradshaw (Irvine)
Peptide Synthesis
	R. Shepherd (Cambridge)
	S. Kent (La Jolla)
	M. Geysen (Nth Carolina)
Kinase and Phosphatases
	P. Cohen ( Dundee)
	P.T. Cohen (Dundee)
	N. Tonks (New York)
Membrane Proteins and the Cytoskeleton
	S. Hitchcock (New Jersey)
	M. Stewart (Cambridge)
	H. Bennich (Uppsala)
Antigen Presentation
	D. Hunt (Charlottesville)
	E. Appella (Bethesda)
Growth Factors
	D. Metcalf (Melbourne)
Protein Engineering 
	G. Winter (Cambridge)

The program will consist of oral and poser sessions, informal workshops around 
topical themes and company-sponsored workshops.

The conference will be held at Erskine House, Lorne, a popular surf
beach resort situated 150 km west of Melbourne.

Abstracts must be received before November 14th 1994.  Full
instructions are included with the application forms. The registration
fee will be approximately $AU150 ($AU70 for students).

For further information contact:
	Dr Richard Simpson
	Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (Melbourne Branch)
	Royal Melbourne Hospital 
	Parkville, Victoria, Australia 3050
	Tel: +61 3 347 3155/ Fax: +61 3 348 1925
	E-Mail: simpson at licre.ludwig.edu.au

Registration closes: November 14th, 1994

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