Announcing the Page-Wood Cleveland Virology Group Symposium

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Tue Aug 2 18:30:32 EST 1994

Announcing the Irvine H. Page - Harland G. Wood Cleveland Virology
Group Symposium which will be held October 27-29, 1994 in Cleveland,
Ohio.  This symposium is a joint project of the School of Medicine at
Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), the Cleveland Clinic
Foundation (CCF), and members of the Cleveland Virology Group (CVG)
whose affiliates come from various institutions in northern Ohio.

The symposium is being given, in part, to honor Irvine H. Page (CCF)
and Harland G. Wood (CWRU) who both made enormous contributions during
their lives to advance our understanding of medicine and science. The
Page - Wood Symposium will be an annual event, although this year it
has been joined with the Second Cleveland Virology Group Symposium
which is sponsored by the CVG to bring outstanding scientists to the
Cleveland area to discuss current topics in virology.

One and a half days of the three day symposium will be devoted to AIDS with 
sessions on public health and social policy, clinical issues including vaccine 
development, immunology, and treatment, and replication of retroviruses.  The 
second half of the program will focus on virus structure, retrovirus protein 
structure and virus-host interactions. 
The following information on the Page - Wood Cleveland Virology Group
Symposium can also be obtained from the Department of Biochemistry,
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine WWW server at the
following URL

For further information contact Mark S. Galinski (msg at or 
galinsm at

Irvine H. Page - Harland G. Wood
Cleveland Virology Group Symposium

October 27-29, 1994
Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Cleveland, Ohio

AIDS: Public Health & Social Policy
AIDS: Vaccine Development, Immunology, Developing Therapies 
Retrovirus Replication
Structure of Retrovirus Proteins
Host Virus Interactions
Virus Structure

Speakers and Titles

	Day 1, Thursday, 27th: Morning Public Health and Social Policy

Kristine Gebbie 	Invited Speaker.

Mark Harrington 	Invited Speaker.

James Goedert 		Epidemiology and Natural History of HIV 
			Infection in Individuals and Populations.

	Day 1, Thursday, 27th: Afternoon Vaccine Development, Immunology, 
			       Developing Therapies 

Martin Hirsch 		Combination Antiretroviral Therapies.

Jerry Ellner 		Interaction of HIV-1 and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Douglas Richman 	New Issues in Anti-retrovirus Therapy.

Robert Schooley 	Immune Based Therapy for AIDS:  Clues to Pathogenesis.


	Day 1, Thursday, 27th: Evening Poster Session & Social

			Cleveland Virology Group Posters & Social

	Day 2, Friday, 28th: Morning Retrovirus Replication

Warner Greene 		Insights into the Biology of HIV nef.

Malcolm Martin 		The Use Of Second Site HIV-1 Revertants To Delineate
			Structure/Function Relationships.

John Wills 		Molecular Interactions Among Heterologous Gag Proteins 
			During Retroviral Assembly.

	Day 2, Friday, 28th: Afternoon Structure of Retrovirus Proteins

Edward Arnold		Implications of the Structure of HIV-1 Reverse 
			Transcriptase for Polymerization Mechanism, Drug 
			Resistance, and Drug Design.

Alexander Wlodawer	HIV Protease and the Design of Drugs against AIDS.

Eric Hunter 		Coiled-coil Motifs in Retroviral Glycoproteins- a Role in 
			Virus Entry rather than Assembly.

Carol Carter 		Structure/Function Analysis of the HIV-1 Capsid Protein.

	Day 2, Friday, 28th: Evening Banquet

	Banquet Museum of Natural History

	Day 3, Saturday, 29th: Morning Host-Virus Interactions

Priscilla Schaffer 	Factors Implicated in Herpes Simplex Virus reactivation.

Elliott Kieff 		Regulation of Transformation and Latency in Epstein Barr 
			Virus Infection.

John Taylor 		Replication of the Genome of Human Hepatitis Delta Virus.

George Stark 		Signaling Pathways Used by the Interferons, Other 	
			Cytokines, and Growth Factors.

	Day 3, Saturday, 29th: Afternoon Virus Structure

Wah Chiu 		What Can be Learnt from 3-Dimensional Images of Viruses 
			with Electron Cryomicroscopy?

Jack Johnson 		The Geometry, Chemistry and Biology of Simple Icosahedral 
			Viruses:Results from Crystallography, Electron Microscopy 
			and Computational Chemistry.

Jonathan King 		Scaffolding Proteins in Viral Capsid Assembly.

Judy White 		Fusion Mechanism of the Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin.

Registration Form:  

Registration needs to be recieved by October 6, 1994.

Name:		________________________________________________
		Last		First		Degree

Address:	________________________________________________ 


		City		State		ZIP
		Telephone	Fax		E-mail

Registration Fees:

Regular			($40.00)	_______
Student/Postdoc		($20.00)	_______
Banquet Fee		($30.00)	_______

	[ ] 	If you have a disability and may require special accommodation in 
		order to participate fully in the Symposium, please check here. A
		member of the planning committee will contact you to discuss your
		specific needs.

Make checks payable to Cleveland Virology Group 

Please return to:

Mark S. Galinski, Ph.D.
Department of Molecular Biology	
Cleveland Clinic Foundation	
9500 Euclid Avenue	
Cleveland, OH 44195	

216: 444-0630 (V)
216: 444-0512 (F) 

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