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Volume 1			Number 2		Summer 1994

Approximations to Profile Score Distributions.                       93
  By L. Goldstein and M.S. Waterman

The Probability of Unique Solutions of Sequencing by Hybridization. 105
  By M. Dyer, A. Frieze, and S. Suen

A Simplified Procedure for Entry of Raw Genotypic Data.             111
  By G.A. Rohrer, D.W. Behrens, and J.W. Keele

Three-Dimensional Searching for Recurrent Structural Motifs in Data  
Bases of Protein Structures.                                        121
  By M. Rustici and A.M. Lesk

The Effects of Sequence Length, Tree Topology, and Number of Taxa 
on the Performance of Phylogenetic Methods.                         133
  By M.A. Charleston, M.D. Hendy, and D. Penny

Reconstructing Trees When Sequence Sites Evolve at Variable Rates.  153
  By M.A. Steel, L.A. Szekely, and M.D. Hendy

Concept Paper

Restructuring the Genome Data Base: A Model for a Federation of     165
Biological Databases.
  By K.H. Fasman

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