Plant Genome Databases & Services at the National Agricultural Library

Sam Cartinhour scartinh at
Wed Aug 10 12:42:44 EST 1994

                     Plant Genome Databases
                      and Related Services
                             at the 
                  National Agricultural Library
                 U. S. Department of Agriculture

The Plant Genome Database Project at the National Agricultural Library
(USDA) has established WWW, Gopher, and FTP services offering a large
variety of plant genome data and other information. Some highlights:

1. Online ACEDB-style databases for Arabidopsis, soybeans, grains,
rice, solanaceae, maize, and forest trees. The databases are presented
as hypertext documents using the WWW/ACEDB "Moulon" server created by
Guy Decoux. Complex queries are possible. Simple queries, via WAIS and
agrep, can be executed against multiple databases simultaneously. 

2. Database searches by e-mail, via WAISmail.

3. The complete text of the Plant Genome I and II meeting abstracts,
WAIS-indexed; the announcement for PG III is also available.

4. Volumes 2 and 5 of the Rice Genetics Newsletter, marked up in HTML.

5. A subset of the AGRICOLA agricultural bibliographic database
concerning plant biology, WAIS indexed.

6. A repository for ACEDB documentation, marked up in HTML, intended
as a resource for developers, curators, and end-users. Many
documents are also available via FTP.

7. Links to other information (WWW/Gopher/ftp) servers, maintained by
collaborating plant genome groups.

8. A WWW Lynx client, set up to facilitate access to the WWW server.

9. Experimental ACEDB databases, plus a selection of .ki files to be
used with DolPhinS, the Display PostScript previewer created by Jeff
Kirk and Leland Ellis.

For more information, access:


Gopher: (port 70)

Lynx client:     telnet to
                 login as "lynx", no password
                 (vt100 emulation required)

WAISmail:        waismail at
                 send message including word "help"

Anonymous FTP: in pub/

or send mail to: staff at

Thank you!

Doug Bigwood, Sam Cartinhour, Jon Krainak, Steve Beckstrom-Sternberg,
Rose Broome, Michael Shives, Jill Martin, Jerry Miksche, and Steve

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