Collaborative Biomolecular Tools (CBMT)

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Collaborative  BioMolecular Tools is  a new venture in making software
easier to develop and more reusable.  It's founded on the premise that
the Biomolecular community is collaborative by nature and would like

        *A Biomolecular C++ class library
        *A library of filters/scripts (e.g. *.csh, *.tcl, *.com, etc)
        *GUI components (e.g. tcl/tk, and possibly some GUI's)
        *Reference data for file formats and other standards
        *CIF's and their use both in crystallography and elsewhere
        *Reference data (e.g. Atomic data, Amino Acid properties)
to deposit the primary version of material there.

        The  project (which is  unfunded   and unaffiliated) has  been
nobly supported by Alan   Bleasby and colleagues  at SEQNET/Daresbury.
It's  also likely to   interact extremely closely   with the  UK CCP11
project  (and possibly other  CCP's).  I'm also  grateful to Glaxo for
benevolent interest, and  Birkbeck  Crystallography Dept where I  have
used some of the C++ classes for teaching.

Peter Murray-Rust (pmr1716 at Glaxo Research and Development, Greenford
mbglx at (Mailbox at Daresbury by kind permission of Alan Bleasby)

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