ASP Interim Annual Meeting, San Jose, Costa Rica

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								May 20, 1994

Dear Colleague,

	The American Society of Pharmacognosy is pleased to announce its 
1994 Interim Meeting, to be held in San Jose, Costa Rica on October 20-22, 
1994.  The meeting will include both contributed paper sessions and a 
symposium titled "International Property Rights, Natural Derived Bioactive 
Compounds and Resource Conservation".

	The goals of this symposium are: (1) to recognize the interests of 
developing countries in conservation and sustainable utilization of 
biodiversity resources as a potential source of medicinal agents; (2) to 
consider the wide range of policies on drug explorations now being 
implemented in developing countries and how they contribute to the rational 
management of biodiversity resources; and (3) to explore how the 
appropiate use of intellectual property rights law and policy can lead to the 
appropiate sharing of the benefits of biodiversity prospecting and further the 
ultimate goal of biodiversity conservation and utilization.

	On the first day of this Symposium, speakers from developed 
countries will outline their interests in exploration for new plant-derived 
therapeutic agents and their concerns for biodiversity conservation.  
Representatives of universities, large and small pharmaceutical companies 
and governamental agencies will be among speakers.  The neccesity for 
mechanisms to appropiately implement the rights of developing countries to 
their genetic resources as an incentive to resource conservation, and legal 
issues involved in the implementation will also be discussed.  Contributed 
paper sessions will begin in the afternoon of the first day and continue 
through the second day, concurrently with the Symposium.  A poster session 
will be held on the first evening.

	On the second day, speakers from as many as 16 developing countries 
will outline the regulations and policies currently in effect in their 
respective nations, and their views on the ways in which these regulations will help promote the rational and sustainable utilization, and the conservation of 
their biodiversity resources.

	On the third day and final day, a morning round-table discussion will 
allow free exchange of views among the varying interests at the Symposium.  
The results of this discussion session will be summarized in a written 
document by a small committee, which will include representatives of both 
the developed and developing countries.  Symposium proceedings will be 
published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.  In the afternoon, tours of 
INBio and the University of Costa Rica facilities will be offered, in addition 
to tours of other locations of interest to ASP members.

	The Meeting will be held at the Hotel Herradura, located in the scenic 
Central Plateau of Costa Rica, only a few minutes from Santamaria 
International Airport.  The Hotel has full, air-conditioned facilities for 
international meetings, including simultaneous translation (Spanish 
translations will be offered for the English-language Symposium).  The 
Hotel itself is a first-class venue which includes a casino, swimming poool, 
sauna, golf and tennis as well as three restaurants.  Trips to many fascinating 
locations in Costa Rica are available through a travel agency in the hotel.  
San Jose boasts a mild, tropical-type climate: October is during the rainy 
season, so umbrellas and raincoats will be needed.  The Caribbean coast, 
however, is dry during October, and can be reached in a few hours for eco-
tours and recreation before the meeting.  In San Jose itself, there are many 
opportunities to enjoy cultural events, restaurants, nightlife and shopping.  
English is widely spoken in the city and throughout the country.

	The Interim Annual Meeting will be held just after the Annual 
Meeting of the Costa Rican Pharmaceutical Association.  Beginning on 
October 24, two days after the end of this meeting, is the "Down to Earth" 
conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics, also being 
held at the Hotel Herradura.  We hope that persons interested in either of 
these subjects will find it convenient to attend two meetings in succession.

	You will find registration forms enclosed in this packet.  For advance 
registration, forms and fees should be sent to Dr. Gerardo Mora, Chair of 
the Local Arrangements and Scientific Program Committees, at the 
University of Costa Rica by July 1, 1994.  Forms for submission of 
contributed papers and posters can be obtained from Dr. Mora and are due 
by August 1, 1994.

	This should prove a fascinating and challenging meeting to all who 
attend it.  I will look forward to seeing you there.


Norman R. Farnsworth
Chair, Organizing Committee



The Local Arrangements Committee has booked a block of 130 hotel rooms 
at special conference rates at the Hotel Herradura for Meeting participants.  
If more than 130 rooms are requested, the Hotel will arrange for rooms at 
similiar rates in a neighboring hotel only 5 minutes walk from the 
Conference Center.  Lower priced accomodations in San Jose are also 
available; shuttle service will be provided to the meeting from the hotels 
listed below.

You must book your hotel room with the Hotel Herradura on this 
registration form in order to receive conference rates.  Rooms will be 
assigned on a first-served basis.  The Hotel will send you a confirmation of 
your reservation.

Room Type Desired: Special Conference Rates. Please check room type 

	(  ) Standard
	Single or Double at US$80 per night plus 13.3% tax and gratuities

	(  ) Deluxe

	Single or Double at US$95 per night plus 13.3% tax and gratuities

Reservation Arrangements: Please check.

	(  ) If the room type I have checked is not available, please book me 
	     into the alternate room type.

	(  ) If the room type I have checked is not available, please notify me 
	     and I will make reservations elsewhere.

	(  ) Do not book me into the Hotel Herradura; I will make my own 
	     reservations elsewhere.

Dates: (Meeting dates October 20-22).  Please check nights desired:

	(  ) October 19		(  ) October 21		(  ) October 23
	(  ) October 20		(  ) October 22	

Room size needed: Please check room size needed.  Both Standard and Deluxe roomsare available in Single and Double sizes.  Costs are the same whether Single or Double are selected.

	(  ) Single			(  ) Double

Alternate Hotels: Please make your own reservations with these hotels:

D'Galah Hotel; telephone (506)-234-1743, (506)-253-7539
Ave del Paraiso Hotel; telephone (506)-225-8515
Hotel Irazu, telephone (506)-220-1441; fax (506) 231-5834
Hotel Corobicm; telephone (506)-232-8122; fax (506)-231-5834
Hotel Aurola Holiday Inn, telephone (506) 233-7233; fax (506) 255-1036
Hotel San Jose Palacio, telephone (506)-220-2036

American Society of Pharmacognosy
Interim Annual Meeting, October 20-22, 1994
Hotel Herradura, San Jose, Costa Rica

Registration Form

Send Registration Form to:
Dr. Gerardo Mora
School of Chemistry
University of Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica
Phone: (506)-224-8245
Fax.   : (506)-253-5020
email: gamora at

Postal Code:__________________

Registration Fee:

	Advance Registration (by July 1): US$ 100.00          __________
	Late Registration (after July 1): US$ 150.00          __________

	The registration for includes tickets for the banquet on October 21.
	Extra tickets may be ordered at a cost of US$ 30.00. Only 250 seats
	are available for the banquet, so be certain to order tickets now!

	Extra banquet tickets: US$30.00 Number of tickets:___Ticket Total:_____
	Registration Total	                                          _____

	Please make payments in US$ to the American Society of Pharmacognosy

Contributed Paper and Poster Sessions:

	Contributed paper sessions will be held concurrently with the Symposium; the  poster session on the evening of October 20.  Forms for submission of 
abstracts for these sessions may be obtained from Dr. Gerardo Mora at the 
address above.  Abstracts are due July 15, 1994.

Side Trips:

	Side trips arranged by the Meeting organizers will be available on 
Saturday afternoon, October 22 for a small fee.  Longer trips to various parts 
of Costa Rica are available before, during and after the Meeting through the 
Hotel Herradura travel agency.

Other Meetings:

Costa Rican Pharmaceutical Assn. Information:
 Dr. Richard Aguilar, telephone (506)-235-0276.

"Down to Earth" Information:
 Dr. Charlotte Gyllenhaal, (1)-312-996-1870.

Tentative Symposium Information

October 20, 1994

Plenary Symposium Sessions:

Biodiversity prospecting and benefit-sharing: perspectives from the Field (D.D. Soejarto, University of Illinois)

Drug discovery and development: the position of intellectual property rights 
(Michael Boyd, U.S. National Cancer Institute)

Pharmaceutical company research: the experience of large companies (Robert 
Borris, Merck; David Turner, Glaxo)

Pharmaceutical company research: the experience of small companies (Lisa Conte, Shaman Pharmaceuticals)

Academic research: policies and practices (Steve Bertha, University of Illinois 
Intellectual Property Office)

The rights of developing countries to plant genetic resources (Walter Reid, 
World Resources Institute)

Legal issues in sharing the benefits of biodiversity propecting (Tom Mays, U.S. National Cancer Institute)

Other Activities:
Contributed Paper Session (afternoon)
Poster Session (evening)

October 21, 1994

Plenary Symposium Sessions

Interests and Policies of Developing Countries Regarding Intellectual Property 
Rights for Plant-Derived Drugs.

Elaine Elisabetsky, Brazil
Rosa Angela Calle V., Colombia
Luis Jose Poveda, Costa Rica
Victor Hugo Villacres O., Ecuador
B.N. Mehrotra, India
Henry Soelistyo Budi, Indonesia
Fong Joo Chung, Malaysia
Max Kuduk, Papua New Guinea
Domingo A. Madulid, Philippines
Mai van Tri, Vietnam
Johnson Jato, Cameroon
Rogasian L.L. Mahunnah, Tanzania

Other Activities:
Contributed Paper Session

October 22, 1994

Plenary Symposium Session

Special Invited Lecture: Campothecin and Taxol: Discovery to Clinic (Monroe 
Wall, Research Triangle)

Round-Table discussion moderated by Lisa Conte.  Panelists: Developed Country 

Discussants: Developing Country Speakers.

Sympossium Summary and Conclusions (Ana Sittenfeld, INBio; D.D. Soejarto, 
University of Illinois)

Other Activities:
Tours to INBio, University of Costa Rica, other locations.

Symposium Sponsors:
American Society of Pharmacognosy
University of Costa Rica
Instituto de Biodiversidad (INBio)
MacArthur Foundation
University of Illinois at Chicago

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