Postgraduate courses in tropical ecology

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Fri Aug 19 14:28:31 EST 1994

	The Centro de Ecologia y Ciencias Ambientales (CECA, Center 
of Ecology and Environmental Sciences) of the Instituto Venezolano 
de Investigaciones Cientificas (IVIC, Venezuelan Institute of 
Scientific Research) offers (since 1975) postgraduate courses in 
ecology, focused on tropical ecology. The degrees to achieve are 
Magister Scientiarum (M.Sc.) and Philosophus Scientiarum (Ph.Sc.).
The Center accepts as well undergraduate and graduate students who 
are finishing their studies in other institutes or universities, 
and want to begin or complete their theses in tropical ecosystems.
Staff members and their research lines follow:
	Dr. Ernesto Medina (plant ecophysiology), Dra. Elvira Cue-
vas (plant ecophysiology, agroecosystems, forestry), Dra. Elizabeth
Olivares (plant ecophysiology, photosynthesis, CAM plants), Dr. Jo-
se San Jose (plant biodiversity, savannas ecology), Dr. Rafael He-
rrera (nutrient cycling, forests ecology, wetlands ecology, global 
change), Dr. Jorge Paolini (freshwater chemistry, organic matter in 
soils, sediments and waters, nutrient cycling), Dr. Juan Garcia Mi-
ragaya (soil chemistry, metal-clay interactions, metal pollution in 
soils), Dra. Gisela Cuenca (Mycorrhizae, land recovery), Dr. Gilber-
to Rodriguez (marine ecology, crustacean ecology), Dr. Humberto Diaz 
(marine ecology), Dr. J. Eloy Conde (marine ecology, biostatistics), 
Dra. Margarita Lampo (amphibian ecology, population ecology).
	For more information contact:
	Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas
	Centro de Estudios Avanzados
	Apdo. 21827, Caracas 1020 A, Venezuela
	FAX: 582-5713164
	Dra. Gisela Cuenca
	Coordinador del postgrado en ecologia
	IVIC, CECA, Apdo. 21827, Caracas 1020 A, Venezuela
	FAX: 582-5713164
	e-mail: gcuenca at

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