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                 First International Conference on 
       Computer Vision, Virtual Reality and Robotics in Medicine
                      April 3-5, 1995
                        Nice, FRANCE


The purpose of this first international conference is to present and 
publish the most innovative and promising research work in computer 
vision, virtual reality and robotics applied to medical problems:
   1) to help diagnosis from multidimensional and multimodal images and 
   2) to assist therapy, especially in video surgery, interventional 
      radiology, and radiotherapy.

This domain has undergone a tremendous increase over the past few 
years and will be a revolution for medicine in the coming decade.

This event follows a successful preliminary AAAI symposium 
organized in March 1994 at Stanford by N. Ayache (INRIA), 
E. Grimson (MIT), T. Kanade (CMU), R. Kikinis and S. Wells (chair) 
(both at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital).

The topics addressed by this conference will include:

Therapy planning, simulation and control:
 virtual and augmented reality applied to therapy control
 virtual patients for surgical training
 telepresence in medicine, telesurgery
 image guided medical robotics
 image guided therapy
 using electronic anatomical atlases
 virtual reality for rehabilitation

Registration problems in medicine:
 3D localization of patients or surgical tools
 on line tracking of patient or organ motion
 nonrigid matching in medical images
 registration of mono or multimodal medical images
 registration with electronic anatomical atlases

Medical image understanding:
 differential geometry and multidimensional images
 motion, shape and texture analysis in medical images
 building and using physical deformable models
 segmentation of multidimensional medical images
 spectral analysis in medical images
 detecting measuring pathological evolution 
 building electronic anatomical atlases
 statistical analysis of anatomical features
 representation of pictorial anatomical knowledge

                    PAPER SUBMISSION
Four copies of complete manuscript should be received by 
Friday September 23, 1994, at the address:

                  Dr. Nicholas AYACHE
                   CVRMed'95 - INRIA 
            2004 Route des Lucioles - B.P.93 
          06902 Sophia-Antipolis Cedex - France

Papers should include:
a) A title page including the names and addresses of the authors 
   (with e-mail), an abstract  of up to 200 words, and one or 
   more categories as listed above or other keywords.

b) A single page clearly answering the following questions:
   1. What is the original contribution of this work?
   2. Why should this contribution be considered important?
   3. What is the most closely related work by others and how
      does this work differ?
   4. How can other researchers make use of the results of this work?
   5. If this work extends or relates closely to some other work you 
      have published, please state precisely how it differs from
      that work?
   6. If any part of this work has been submitted to other conferences 
      or workshops, please state where and how it is different?

c) a paper, limited to 18 double space pages (12 points) including 
   figures and references, with a maximum of 7000 words.

Language policy:
Papers will be written in English. The organization will provide a
French translation of the abstracts. Oral communications will be done
in English. However, follow-up questions and discussions may be held
in both languages.


September 23, 1994:  Submission deadline for receiving papers at INRIA
November 1994:       Notification to authors
January  2, 1995:    Camera ready received at INRIA
April 2, 1995:       Pre-registration in Nice
April 3-5, 1995:     Conference in Nice
April 6, 1995:       Technical tour in Sophia Antipolis

                    PROGRAM COMMITTEE
Full length papers will be reviewed and selected by the program
committee of the conference:

Nicholas AYACHE (INRIA, France)

Fred BOOKSTEIN (University of Michigan, USA) 
Mike BRADY (Oxford University, UK)
Grigore BURDEA (Rutgers University, USA) 
Philippe CINQUIN (Grenoble Hospital, France)
Jean-Louis COATRIEUX (INSERM, Rennes, France)
Alan COLCHESTER (Guy's Hospital, London, UK)
James DUNCAN (Yale University, USA)
Henry FUCHS (University of North Carolina, USA)
Guido GERIG (ETH-Z, Zurich, Switzerland) 
Erik GRANUM (Aalborg University, Denmark)
Karl-Heinz HOEHNE (University Hospital Eppendorf, Germany)
Thomas HUANG (University of Illinois, USA)
Takeo KANADE (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Ron KIKINIS (Harvard Medical School, USA) 
Jean-Claude LATOMBE (Stanford University, USA)
Charles PELIZZARI (University of Chicago, USA)
Richard ROBB (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA)
Paul SUETENS (KULeuven, Belgium)
Richard SZELISKI (DEC, Cambridge, USA)
Russ TAYLOR (IBM, Yorktown Heights, USA)
Demetri TERZOPOULOS (University of Toronto, Canada) 
Jean-Philippe THIRION (INRIA, France) 
Jun-ichiro TORIWAKI (Nagoya University, Japan)
Alessandro VERRI (University of Genoa, Italy)
Max VIERGEVER (University Hospital Utrecht, The Netherlands) 
William WELLS (Harvard Medical School, USA)

G. MALANDAIN and Epidaure Group (INRIA, France)

                    PRACTICAL ORGANIZATION
The conference will take place at Hotel Meridien in Nice, France, at
a prestigious address: 1, Promenade des Anglais (the heart of the 
French Riviera, right in front of the mediterranean sea!) from April
3 to 5, 1995.

The conference will be followed, on April 6, by a technical tour in 
Sophia-Antipolis, to visit the computer vision, graphics and robotics 
laboratories of INRIA (120 scientists).

The meeting will be composed of a single track of oral presentations
(long and short) with a number of poster sessions. 

The proceedings of the conference will be published by Springer-
Verlag in the series "Lecture Notes in Computer Science".

We plan to have a selection of the best papers to appear in a dedicated 
book or a special issue of a journal.

                    LOCAL ORGANIZATION
The organizing body for the conference will be INRIA (National
Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) in Sophia
Antipolis, France.


          Unite de Recherche de Sophia Antipolis
                  Relations Exterieures
                   Bureau des colloques
            2004, route des lucioles - BP 93
              06902 SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS CEDEX
                Tel: + 33 - 93 65 78 64
                Fax: + 33 - 93 65 79 55

         E-mail: Monique.Simonetti at

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